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The Origins of Halloween Trick or Treating

Published October 26, 2009        by Nicole

Ever Wondered Where Going Door-to-Door Saying Trick or Treat on Halloween Came From?

trick or treat halloween gift 196x300 The Origins of Halloween Trick or TreatingHalloween is my favorite holiday hands down.  One of my favorite things is having all the kids dressed up in their adorable costumes coming to our door saying 'Trick or Treat'.   We almost always go all out decorating our house for Halloween so the kids love venturing up the driveway just to see the decorations including the spiders on the doorbell and skeletons coming up from the ground.  They always know they'll get a good treat at our door too!  In fact, my husband is at Wal-Mart right now stocking up on Halloween candy.  Last year, we had nearly 300 kids stop by our door and I expect even more this year.

Apparently the tradition of dressing up in costumes and going door-to-door to beg for treats goes back to the Middle Ages.  The costumes are said to be a Celtic tradition which placates evil spirits.  The handing out of food originated in Britain and Ireland where poor people would go door-to-door on November 1st. They would be given food in exchange for their prayers for dead souls on November 2nd. This practice was known as 'Souling'.  The practice of trick or treating in America is believed to date back to the early 1900's and it became a more widespread activity in the 1930's.   Whatever the origins, I am glad that this is one tradition that has caught on for the long term.  Happy Halloween and be sure to check out these Halloween safety tips to keep your pets, children and yourself safe this year!

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