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The Politician's Christmas

Published January 08, 2008        by Nicole

Holiday gifts were propped under festive Christmas pines, as the last red rays of sunshine kissed the Cabot Tower goodbye. The thoughtful politician heaved a sad and soulful sigh; The smoke in lazy ringlets from his Concha rolled away, As he sat in cozy comfort by his fireside that day; "By my halidom," said he, "what a treat it is to be Removed for just a day from care and strife, From the steady, strenuous strain, from the passion and the pain, That make and mar a politician's life."In the whirl of office party warfare I have played a leading role; My unqualified allegiance to my leader fills his soul With pardonable pleasure, for he knows full well that I for the cause that he espouses would politically die; I have tried my best to be from all base desires free; I have tried to further all that he holds dear, Though I frankly must admit I was vexed a little bit, When I lost that job he promised me last year.

"When the war clouds gathered round us I was foremost in the fray; Most nobly did I help him on that dull October day, When our gallant friends, the enemy, our foremost ranks assailed, Many fell away before them but I trembled not nor quailed, My opponent met defeat and I still retain my seat; I have added luster to my family name, Though, to tell the truth, I've tried, when the good wife puts on side, To under-rate excessively my fame."I dearly love an argument; I dote upon a fight; The thought of stormy meetings fills my bosom with delight; I glory in my victories; I joy in others' strife; Without a frenzied hour or so, pray, what is there in life? Of course, a bad defeat is a thing I hate to meet But once you're in the fight you must prepare To be beaten now and then and to give to other men That portion which is called 'the lion's share.' "Well, I'm sitting here this evening and I'm really bound to say, I wish my life could be one long and merry Christmas Day, For now I come to think of it, those on the other side Are just as good as I am and I'm sorry I have tried By the most consistent use of deception and abuse To make the people think that I was right; Well, they've done the same to me so I hope they will agree To forget it - just as I do - for to-night."

The north wind fretted fitfully; the darkness grew apace; A smile of great beatitude came o'er his rugged face; The children saw and wondered, then to bed they softly crept; His head fell on his bosom - and the politician slept. Gentle reader, pause a while; do not with disdainful smile Turn this page until the moral you can see; If the politician can rest at peace with every man, Most forgiving at this season we should be.