The Ultimate Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2018

Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

How to Choose a Mother’s Day Gift

Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

As Mother’s Day approaches, it can be difficult to decide on the right gift for your mom. Throughout the years, inspiration can wane and you may feel like you’ve used up all of your ideas. We have given this struggle a good amount of thought, and have settled on a number of great gift ideas. First, though, there are a few factors to consider as you search for unique gifts for mom.

Deciding on a Budget

Best Mother's Day Present Ideas

While you may want to throw all caution to the wind and shower your mom with as many gifts as possible, considering a budget will definitely be helpful in the end. Your mom deserves everything you’d want to give her, but unfortunately, bills must still be paid and a paycheck only stretches so far. All that to say, the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day starts with setting a spending budget. Regardless of whether your budget is small or large, what matters is that it works with your wallet.


Present Ideas for Mother's Day

Does your mom live in the same town as you? Will you be able to see her in-person, or does the gift have to be shipped on its own? Additionally, are you looking to order the gift online or in-store? If it is online, how much does shipping cost, and how long will it take to arrive? All of these are questions you must consider in connection with how close it is to Mother’s Day. While your mom might not mind a late gift, it’s always much more exciting for her to know that you put the extra effort into making sure it got there on time.


Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Are you looking into a personalized gift? Personalizations can take an ordinary gift to an extraordinary level, especially for mothers. As you are looking for the perfect present, consider how personalized you would like it, whether it has to do with a color scheme, engraving, embroidery, and so on. Think about the types of personalizations your mother would find the most endearing, and also consider how much longer a personalization will take before a gift is ready.


Gift Ideas for mom

Something important to decide on, before you even start browsing gifts, is your purpose for the gift. Is this something that you want her to be able to keep and cherish for years, or is this something for mere temporary enjoyment? For instance, would she prefer a keepsake photo book over a chocolate gift basket? Consider your mom’s personal situation and preferences and try to appeal to them.

Age Considerations

Though your mom may not want to admit it, her age does play a part in what type of present you gift for Mother’s Day. It’s not a secret that women of different ages typically desire different items. For that reason, we have categorized our list into three age groups:

  • Mothers above 50
  • Mothers between 30 & 40
  • Mothers under 30

For Mothers Above 50


Photo Album

Creative Mother's Day Gift Ideas

In general, mothers love looking back on pictures of their children, grandchildren, and other family members. It is precious to relive those memories, if only for a second, by finding an old photo. A photo album would be an extremely thoughtful keepsake for Mother’s Day. Whether you purchase an album and organize her photos previously stored in her attic, or you order one digitally through a program like Shutterfly, it’s bound to be loved.

Restored Photos

Creative Present Ideas for Mother's Day

Restoring an old album or at least a few cherished photos of your mother’s could absolutely make her day! Photos taken a few decades ago just aren’t the same these days, typically looking discolored or grainy as the years pass. Photo restoration can bring these photos back to their original quality for better clarity. Additionally, if your mother likes the convenience of digital photos, several photo restoration services offer the restored photos as digital versions as well.

Grandparent Keepsake Gift

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

Is your mother also a grandmother? Giving her a sweet grandma keepsake present could light up her day on Mother’s Day. Though it’s not specifically about being a “mother,” it is closely related and all grandparents love sweet presents about their grandchildren. Whether it is a photo frame with a lovely quote about being a grandmother, a keepsake box, a bracelet or necklace, any sort of grandmother keepsake gift is bound to be cherished.


Spa Gift Basket

Luxurious Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Perhaps you’re looking to give your mother something she rarely gives herself: a trip to the spa. This could be done in two different ways: a gift certificate to a local spa, or a gift basket full of at-home spa goodies. The decision would depend on your mother’s preference. If your mother is more of an introvert, she may not enjoy going to the spa as much as she would enjoy having an exotic bubble bath and lotions at home.

Movie Tickets

Best gift ideas for Mother's Day

Does your mother enjoy watching movies but never treats herself to the theater? The movie theater is always a magical experience, especially if you rarely get to attend due to the rising prices. Better yet, make the present a combo movie ticket and popcorn voucher to complete the gift. She’ll be all set to go!

Chocolate Gift Basket

Popular Mother's Day Gift Ideas

You truly can’t go wrong with chocolate for most women. If your mother has been known to love chocolate, surprise her with a delicious chocolate gift basket! Choose an assortment of chocolates for her to enjoy, and prepare to see the look of delight on her face when she sees the luscious goodies.

Garden Supplies

Best gift ideas for mom

Does your mom love to garden? While this may not seem like a “relaxing” gift to some people, there are a great number of women who find relaxation and tranquility in their gardens. If your mom is someone who loves tending her flowers and vegetables, a nice gardening gift would mean a lot. This could include gardening tools, seeds of her favorite flowers, gloves, or even fun wall decor or knickknacks about gardening.



Smart Mother's Day Gift Ideas

While your mother may not be as accustomed to utilizing technology as you are, there are a number of tech devices that could make her life easier. This could involve a Fitbit, a smartwatch, or even a smartphone if she doesn’t have one yet. Perhaps she frequently talks on the phone and a headset would free her hands. Whatever you decide on, it could make a big impact on her.

Fruit/Cheese Basket

Edible Mother's Day Gifts

Finally, a delicious fruit or cheese basket could be very thoughtful. Almost everyone enjoys receiving a cute package with various cheeses or fruits to try, especially if they are samples of less common cheese, or prepared in unique ways. For the fruits, chocolate covered strawberries are always a hit!

For Mothers Between 30 & 40


Personalized Gift Ideas

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It’s uncommon to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a personalized gift. For that reason, you really can’t go wrong with looking into a personalized gift for your mother. Personalizations can extend to jewelry especially, but also towels, bathrobes, cell phone cases, and more. Whether you choose custom colors, her name, or even just her initials, the effort is well-received.

Photo Gifts

Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas

All mothers love photo gifts! With this age of everything going digital, physical copies are harder and less necessary to come by, which also makes them a thoughtful present. Consider purchasing a sweet photo frame and putting her favorite photos in it, printing off a photo book, putting together a photo album, or even adding photos to custom wall decor.

Spa Day Package

Special Mother's Day Gifts

Spa days are always a wonderful present for mothers! Moms so often forget to give themselves relaxation, so this will be a touching gift. Whether you put together a spa gift package or give a gift certificate to a spa, it will be adored. Massages, spa treatments or mani-pedis are all great options!


Kitchen Gifts

Useful Mother's Day Gifts

Some women may not enjoy kitchen gifts, so you’ll just have to know her on this. However, if she would view kitchen items as thoughtful, there are many options to choose from! Kitchen gifts can be some of the most practical and helpful, especially when it comes to nifty tools for making life easier. For instance, an apple peeler-corer-slicer can be a very thoughtful present or even a pineapple peeler-corer-slicer. Unique but helpful kitchen tools are great ideas!

For Mothers Under 30


Molded Hands

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Perhaps you are looking for Mother’s Day gifts for your wife. One precious gift idea we’ve seen is a mold of your children’s hands. There are kits available for this, and it will help you create a beautiful mold to last a lifetime. Even if you only have one child, you could make a mold of your child’s hand in your own.

Photo Gifts

Personal Mother's Day Giift

As we have previously mentioned, photo gifts are cherished by all mothers. You could gift cute wall decor with pictures of your children or your family photos, perhaps a personalized photo mug or blanket, or even a photo mouse pad. Additionally, a baby’s first-year photo book would be lovely. Finally, another photo gift idea could be ensuring all of her photos are organized digitally and backed up into albums on an external hardrive.


Chocolate Baskets

Delicious Mother's Day GIft Ideas

As stated before, you really can’t go wrong with chocolate. Whether you order a specialty chocolate basket online, or you put one together yourself, the variety of numerous chocolates can certainly make her day. If you are making one yourself, we would suggest considering what her very favorite kind of chocolate is, and finding varieties of that particular chocolate. For example, if she loves dark chocolate, you could go with sea salt dark chocolate, salted caramel dark chocolate, dark chocolate bars, dark chocolate truffles, and so on.

Wine Baskets

Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas

Wine nearly goes hand in hand with chocolate, if we are being honest. If your wife loves a good wine, giving her one of her favorites or an expensive brand that she wouldn’t splurge on would be a wonderful Mother’s Day present! A set of wine bottles, or a wine basket with cheese, a beautiful champagne glass, and chocolate would all be winners for Mother’s Day gift ideas!



Smart Mother's Day Present Ideas

Could she use a new iPhone? Perhaps she loves reading on her Kindle, but it recently broke down. Or, maybe she prefers using her tablet, but it’s rather outdated and you’d like to surprise her with a new one. Technology can be a very thoughtful present, especially since moms will rarely spend that amount of money on themselves.

Mother's Day Gifts for Godmothers

Gift Cards

present ideas for mom

When all else fails, it is never a cop-out to give a gift card. The trick to giving a gift card is to take into consideration what your mother truly enjoys. Which stores or restaurants are her guilty pleasures? What has she talked about loving, but never spends on herself? This could include a craft store gift card like at JOANN’s, or perhaps specialty soaps and lotions like Bath & Body Works. The important part is to cater specifically to what she likes.

Weekend Getaway

Mother's Day Vacation Ideas

When was the last time she had a vacation? Show her how much you want her to enjoy herself by booking a weekend getaway! Whether it’s a two- or three-day cruise, a hotel staycation, or a weekend at a resort, it will certainly be a Mother’s Day gift to remember for a lifetime.

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