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The Value of Appreciation

Published July 16, 2007        by Matt

value ofappreciation thank youFrom the time I can remember it was instilled in me to appreciate everything and anything that someone gave me or did for me. As a little girl I remember being taught manners. "Thank you" was one of my most used phrases and still is to this day. However, “Thank You” is a phrase that is so well-used and is so automatically uttered that it can become unheard by the giver. As a small child, I would say it because I was told I must say it therefore, it was an automatic response not a response of genuine appreciation. As I grew older, I learned the value of appreciation and that no deed should go unnoticed. I also learned that half the joy of receiving is giving a small token of appreciation, whether it be sending a thank you card or a thank you gift.

I learned that “thank you” is only a conversational expression of gratitude and that the most rewarding way of thanking someone is giving something in return. Have you ever given a gift or did a deed for someone and they said “thank you”? How quickly did you forget those words? Taking the time to sit and write a simple thank you card or send a thank you gift goes a long way. It is one of the most valuable things you can do to show your appreciation and delight to the special someone who has taken time to show their thoughtfulness. We lead busy lives and we tend to forget the small things in life that make a person feel special and appreciated. Show your gratitude and take the time to uplift the spirit of the giver. Be selfless and take some time in your busy day to sincerely thank someone.