10 Fun Baby Shower Cake Themes

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Planning a baby shower can be quite fun, but overwhelming too! Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with fantastic ideas to help you carry your chosen theme throughout the event. Here I've put together my list of favorite baby shower themes with some ideas for cakes. I've included photos for inspiration as well as links to instructions and places to buy the supplies necessary to create these masterpieces. A well-themed dessert can act as a centerpiece on the buffet table and believe me, you'll get lots of oohs and aahs from the baby shower guests and the Mom-to-be when you create a fantastic shower cake. And don't forget to follow the instructions so your creation tastes as good as it looks!

#1 - Winnie The Pooh Inspiration

Winnie the Pooh is one of the most popular characters for children and many parents theme their nursery around this lovable character and his friends so why not use that theme for the baby shower too!

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Cake
Image Courtesy of Pinterest.com

#2 - Baby Feet Theme Inspiration

Throwing a pitter patter or baby feet themed shower is a very popular choice. Many companies sell baby feet themed shower supplies. For specific design instructions, search online for individual baby feet and this baby bootie instructions that includes photos.

The creative folks at Wilton have come up with some unique ideas to incorporate baby feet or booties into desserts. The great thing about the cupcakes is that they are easy and much less labor intensive than individually star piping an entire cake.

Baby Feet Shower Cake
Image Courtesy of Cake Central

Mom & Dad will soon be hearing the pitter patter of little feet running around their house so why not incorporate those precious little feet into your baby shower. Many online sites carry foot-shaped baby shower favors, baby gifts and centerpieces. Click on this link to see the full pitter patter baby shower collection including tableware, favors and more.

Pitter Patter Soap Baby Feet Shower Favors

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#3 - Yellow Duck Baby Shower Cakes

Yellow or rubber duck baby showers are popular for both boys and girls since the yellow color scheme lends itself perfectly to either gender.  Here are just a few cake ideas that we love!

Yellow Duck Baby Shower CakeWilton Duck Cakes

When you are looking for ideas and instructions on how to make a duck for your themed baby shower, visit this duck themed cake page at Wilton.com. You'll not only find ideas for cakes, but also for cupcakes, cookies and chocolate candy.

Need Duck Themed Baby Shower Supplies?

If you are throwing a duck themed shower, consider stopping by the Rubber Duck section at Birthday in a Box. They have just about everything you can think of from duck themed plates, napkins, and tablecloths to other party supplies such as duck-shaped pinatas, floating candles and squeezable little yellow duckies.

And for even more yellow duck baby shower supplies, visit All About Gifts & Baskets where you can find baby shower invitations, ducky themed baby shower favors and even duck inspired baby shower gifts (like all the items shown in the photo below). Truly a one stop baby shower shop!

Bath Time Baby Gift Basket

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#4 - Green Froggy Cake Photos & Instructions

The Mom-to-be and the other baby shower guests will be leaping for joy when they see any of these adorable frog themed creations. Wilton provides detailed instructions on how to create any of these 'toad'ily cool designs on their website.

Frog Baby Shower CakeWilton Frog Cakes 10 Fun Baby Shower Cake ThemesHow To Make A Gumpaste Frog Topper Video

Another great cake for a frog themes baby shower is our Friendly Frog Diaper Cake. This diaper cake makes an excellent gift to give for a frog themed baby shower you might be attending.

Friendly Frog Diaper Cake

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#5 - Butterfly Baby Shower Cakes

Baby girls and butterflies go together like a horse and carriage.  One of the most popular themes in showers is represented by these fun butterfly baby shower cake ideas.

Butterfly Baby Shower Cakes
Image Courtesy of Inspired By Michelle

 10 Fun Baby Shower Cake Themes

How To Make An EASY Butterfly Video

 #6 - Daisy & Flower Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Daisies are the perfect flower theme for making cupcakes and Wilton has put together a whole bunch of great ideas that are perfect for baby showers. Just visit this page at Wilton.com to see the wide array of daisy themed designs. They include instructions and tips for tinting the icing too!

Wilton Daisy Cupcakes 10 Fun Baby Shower Cake Themes

 #7 - Sports Themed Cake Ideas

Sports themed showers are a great way to welcome Dad's little All-Star to the world.  Incorporate baseballs, basketballs, soccer or footballs into the design.  We love this cake that has plenty of cupcakes for a large baby shower crowd as well!  This is a fun theme for couples showers where men will be attending.

Sports Baby Shower Cake
Image Courtesy of Cake Central


#8 - Lady Bug Baby Shower Cake Inspiration

Wilton does it again with a huge set of ideas for a ladybug themed baby shower. Just visit this lady bug page at Wilton.com. Not only do they show pictures, but they give detailed instructions on how to make the cakes and cupcakes and tell you where to buy the supplies including the icing tints.

Ladybug Baby Shower Cake
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Wilton Lady Bug Cakes 10 Fun Baby Shower Cake Themes

Animated Ladybug Cake - All I have to say is WOW!

 #9 - Noah's Ark Cakes

A popular theme when mom is expecting twins... a Noah's ark cake with the animals loading two by two can be an adorable addition.  We love both this tiered cake and the star piped cake using the pan from Wilton.

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Cake
Image Courtesy of Cakes Decor

theme baby shower cakes 1 520x520 10 Fun Baby Shower Cake Themes

Need Noah's Ark Baby Shower Supplies?

For party favors, check out these Noah's Ark Baby Shower Supplies. You'll find ark-shaped candles, personalized favors like mint tins with an ark motif and so many more. Plus you can find the tableware and decorations that you need.  We carry party packs for 8 or 16 guests so everything is coordinated for you.

Noah's Ark Baby Basket

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#10 - Under The Sea or Ocean Cakes

Under The Sea Baby Shower Cake
Image Courtesy of White Crafty Cakes
Wilton Fish Cakes 10 Fun Baby Shower Cake Themes

I love Wilton! They have so many great baby shower design ideas. If you are throwing an Under The Sea or Fish themed baby shower, these dessert ideas come with instructions.

Octopus Design Baby Gift

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If you decide to go with an Under The Sea baby shower theme, visit All About Gifts & Baskets to find unique and personalized baby shower invitations, hand-made thank you cards, and even fun Baby Einstein water-world gifts perfect for this theme. Above are just a few of the items that they sell. Visit their Ocean Critters Shower Theme page.

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