Throwing the Perfect "It's a Boy" Baby Shower

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Throw An Awesome Boy Baby Shower!

When a bundle of joy known as a boy is on the way, an It's A Boy baby shower theme is the obvious choice. You'll be seeing blue when you are planning this shower. Blue invitations, tableware, balloons, and shower gifts. Blue, blue and more blue! If you'd like to share some ideas for an It's A Boy shower, please do so in the guest book at the bottom of this post.


It's A Boy Shower Invitations

best gifts for boy baby shower

Numerous online companies sell It's A Boy baby shower invitations that are fully customized and printed with all of the shower details (like those shown in the photograph to the right). These invitations are quick and easy since you will only need to address the envelopes and send them directly to the guests.

Another option is to buy fill-in invitations like those shown from Amazon below. They are available in all kinds of shapes such as blue onesies, diapers and more. Simply hand-write all the shower details in the cards prior to sending them out to guests.

If you are crafty and love to scrapbook, then making your own baby shower invitations is a great option. Just use cardstock and craft supplies that you already have on hand such as stickers, die-cut shapes and fun patterned papers.

How To Make Free Baby Boy Shower Invites


Boy Themed Shower Supplies

boy baby shower supplies

Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets sells an entire line of It's A Boy Baby Shower Supplies including tableware and accessories such as the plates, napkins and beverage cups shown in the photograph. This line is available with either a Caucasian or African American baby motif. As I mentioned earlier, the key to pulling off an It's A Boy shower is in using the color blue throughout the decor.

Use blue and white streamers along with blue and white latex and Mylar baby shower balloons that read It's A Boy to decorate the Mom's chair and the entire party area.

Buy some blue It's A Boy confetti to sprinkle on the buffet and gift table. For the centerpiece, a bowl filled with water and floating blue candles can look great. Otherwise consider making or buying a large 3 or 4 tier diaper cake that can double as both the centerpiece and your gift to the expectant Mom and Dad.

Finally, don't forget to have a personalized baby shower banner that you can hang either at the party entrance or above the gift/buffet table. This cute banner is available at Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets as well.


Baby Boy Shower Food Ideas

boy baby shower favor ideas

When it comes to food for a baby shower, think blue, blue and yes, more blue. Of course, any baby shower needs beverages so why not consider this fantastic Baby Blue Punch recipe that I found at Cutest Baby Shower Ideas.


Baby Blue Punch

  • 2 (0.13) packages unsweetened berry blue Kool-Aid
  • 2 cans frozen Bacardi pina colada mix
  • 1 liter bottle club soda
  • 2 c. sugar (if using unsweetened Kool Aid)
  • 2 qts. cold water

Combine Kool Aid, sugar and pina colada mix in punch bowl. Stir until sugar dissolves. Add 2 quarts cold water and stir. Immediately before serving add 1 liter of club soda.


Just about any foods that you can think of with a blue color scheme would work perfectly. Blue corn chips with dip, blueberries (or make a trifle with pound cake - blue berries and white whipped cream), potato salad made with the potatoes that have blue/purple flesh, and chicken wings with bleu cheese dressing. Here is a yummy recipe for a blueberry and chicken salad that would work great for baby showers. Remember, you don't need to go crazy and have everything blue in terms of food, but having a few of the main dishes with a blue theme is a fun idea.

For snacks, set out some bowls of baby blue M&M's or blueberry flavored jelly belly jelly beans. No baby shower is complete without a fun edible baby shower cake. Check out the ideas shown below.

It's A Boy Baby Shower Cakes

boy baby shower cakes

If you are using the It's A Boy themed tableware from All About Gifts & Baskets, I love this cupcake idea. You can follow the step-by-step instructions from Wilton. They have lots of cute cake and cupcake ideas with a blue color scheme. Just use the search function to look for baby shower cakes. Note - They make that cute little pacifier by using some sort of little yellow candy melts.

Along with your cake, consider what serving ware, cake toppers, and plates you will use for your guests to amplify your It's a Boy theme.


Baby Shower Games

boy baby shower games

Here are some fun baby shower games that tie in perfectly with the It's A Boy theme:

Draw Baby's Face

This is a fun game that will have your guests laughing out loud. Give a round paper plate and crayon to each of the shower guests. Have them place the plate on top of their head and ask them to draw the baby boy's face on the plate while they are being timed for one minute. After the time has passed, ask the mom-to-be to pick the winning baby face drawing.

It's A Boy ABC Name Game

Have the guests sit in a circle and go around the circle starting with the expectant Mother who says a boy's name that starts with the letter A, the next guest says a boy's name that starts with B, the next with C and so on. If a guest gets stuck (doesn't say a name within say 5 or 10 seconds), they are out of the game. You keep going round and round the circle starting over with the ABC's if necessary. Tell the guests that they can't repeat names. The last guest left wins the game.

It's A Boy Baby Name Game

If Mom knows what she is naming her little boy, this game is a good choice. Give guests a sheet of paper and have guests write "It's A Boy Named xxxx" at the top of the paper. Then ask them to create as many 4 letter or more words from the letters in the phrase in say 5 or 10 minutes. For example, if the phrase is "It's A Boy Named Donovan". Words like boot, boat, noon, stay, stab, moved, etc. all count 1 point. The guest with the most points wins.

Spring A Leak Balloon Game

Anyone who has changed a baby boy knows that it needs to be done quickly before the little one 'springs a leak'! Break your guests into teams of two. Give each time a latex water balloon, a cloth diaper and some classic diaper pins (if you only have disposable diapers, then give them a diaper and a straight pin). One team member gets blindfolded and is in charge of putting the diaper on the balloon.

The other team member must poke a hole in the top of the balloon and then direct her blindfolded partner to the balloon so she can try to put on the diaper. The non-blindfolded member can speak, but cannot use their hands to direct the teammate. The team that successfully gets the diaper put on the balloon first wins the game.

To keep it fair, I suggest marking a spot where the hole should be poked in the balloon and also you should try to fill the balloons all with the same amount of water. This game can be quite funny!

It's A Boy Printable Games

Printable shower games include Baby Busters, Famous Families, Oh Baby!, What's Mommy Wearing? and Who's Your Mommy all printed on blue It's A Boy themed paper. They are available from Baby Shower Stuff.


It's A Boy Shower Favor Ideas

the best boy baby shower ideas

The great thing about the sort of generic It's A Boy theme is that just about any type of blue party favor will do the trick when it comes to thanking the guests for sharing in Mom-to-be's special day.

As you can see in the above photograph, you can find many types of personalized baby shower favors that have an It's A Boy theme including personalized honey jars, hot cocoa - tea- coffee packets, candy bar wrappers and much more. All of them carry the standard blue and white color scheme. And as shown in the photo, the chocolate bar baby shower favors match perfectly with the tableware and invitations shown above. They again are available with either a Caucasian or African American baby boy design.

If you'd like to create your own favors, consider items such as blue colored jelly beans or M&M's, candles, bath beads, or soaps that you wrap in a little cellophane bag, a favor gift box, or even tulle that is tied with a matching blue curling ribbon and personalized favor tag.


Baby Boy Shower Gifts

boy baby shower gifts

Gift baskets and baby clothing are a fantastic idea when buying shower gifts for an It's A Boy themed shower.

As shown in the photo, the options are virtually endless. When it comes to baby boys, consider the parents' interests and whether the child is their 1st or 2nd or 3rd boy.

If Dad is a sports fanatic, then a sports-themed welcome wagon is an obvious choice. Or if Mom is decorating baby's room in a plane, train and automobiles theme, then a travel-themed gift basket or onesie with a train applique would be more appropriate.

If it is Mom's third boy, she won't likely need too much clothing or essentials like cribs, strollers, etc so a boy themed diaper cake would be an excellent choice. What Mom doesn't need diapers after all?


Baby Shower Checklist

boy baby shower checklist

  • Enough tableware for your guests—plates, bowls, cups, and flatware
  • Paper products—napkins, paper plates, paper cups
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Gift table
  • Gift bags and favors
  • Serviceware—serving utensils, cutlery, cake knives, serving bowls and platters
  • Decorations
    • Boy baby shower corsages
    • Confetti
    • Centerpieces for tables
    • Tablecloth(es)
    • Streamers
    • Placemats and placecards
    • Balloons
  • Games and activities
  • Prizes
  • Camera and photographer (even if it’s a friend or family member!)
  • Coat rack and purse storage
  • Cake
  • Snacks, appetizers, or other food for guests
  • Playlist
  • Garbage bags
  • Memory book or guest book
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  1. Thanks for leaving a video for me to look at and use. Sometimes it's just too confusing to follow written directions on something without a visual, especially for these baby shower invitations and decorations!

  2. The game ideas and checklist are perfect in helping me throw the perfect baby boy baby shower. I just want to get everything right. Do you have any tips on how no to overdo it? Or is there such a thing? I don't want the guests drowning in a sea of blue

  3. Is it an expectation that there are shower gift favors at the baby shower? I'm new to this and don't know if it should be the expecting mother or the person throwing the shower getting the favors

  4. Lots of tips:
    1. Definitely use a variety of colors, like yellow and blue
    2. Feel free to use neutral colors like gold and silver
    3. No need to go crazy on decor. A few signs and napkins can make a big difference. Go crazy on the balloons!

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