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Personalized Baby Gift Baskets

Personalized baby gift baskets are a memorable way to cherish the newborn. Your gift basket can include one or more items with the baby's name and date of birth to make a lasting keepsake. Popular items to personalize include blankets, teddy bears, bathrobes, bibs and hats. You may be able to find a local seamstress to embroider your gift for you, or order one online. Add some other baby gifts to your personalized basket to welcome baby and celebrate the birth.

Baby Bathtub Gift Basket

When newborns are small, it's easiest to wash them in a special baby bath tub. So why not use one of these tubs as the container to make a unique and practical baby gift basket? Inside the tub you can put lots baby necessities, like shampoo, baby powder, diapers and brush and comb set. Another nice gift to include is a hooded terry bath towel to keep the newborn dry and warm. Add a few more baby items to fill the tub and your basket is complete.

Baby Book Gift Baskets

Book-themed baby gift baskets are a great way to encourage a lifetime of reading for the newborn. Books are a great way to interact with babies, and they'll love seeing all the bright shapes and listening to the sound of your voice as you read them stories. You can make a memorable baby book gift basket yourself with a little shopping and some creative flair. Start with a blue or pink wicker basket, and then visit a local baby store to find some fun baby books. You could also include a helpful instructional or reference book if your recipients are first time parents. Add a stuffed animal and some baby toys to fill out your basket, and your gift is ready to give.

Bath Playtime Gift Basket

Some babies don't like being washed, but you can try and make this regular chore more fun by giving the new parents a bath time gift basket. The key for one of these gifts is to make sure everything inside can get wet, since most babies love to splash! A plastic bath tote would make a neat start to your gift basket, then line the bottom with baby washcloths, and fill it up with toys for the tub. Bath crayons let baby draw and allow for easy cleanup. You could also include vinyl bath books and some floating plastic toys. Of course, no bath time gift would be complete without a yellow rubber ducky!

Diaper Bag Gift Basket

A new baby is a time to celebrate and also a time of much work and stress. That's why baby gift baskets that are fun and practical are often the most appreciated by the new mom. For a unique idea, try buying a nice diaper bag and stuffing it full of gifts for the proud parents and their new bundle of joy. For the fun side, try using pacifiers, rattles, chocolate cigars, and plush toys. For the practical side, you can include diapers, a lullaby music CD, bottles, and a soft fleece blanket. Be sure to check with a relative on the baby's sleeping patterns and try and drop by with your diaper bag gift basket while baby is awake.
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