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Kids Birthday Gift Baskets

Kid.s birthday gift baskets can be made to fit any budget or style. Birthdays are a big celebration in any child's life, so pick a container that is bright and colorful to fit their personality. If their birthday is in the summer, you could use a red beach pail. Inside your basket, add some different toys they will enjoy. Make sure you find toys that are good for their age range and interests. Action figures are popular with little boys, while girls might like costume jewelry or a play tea set. If your container has a lid, you can close it up and wrap the whole thing in cheerful wrapping paper. When making your kids birthday gift basket, remember to think like a kid and let your imagination run wild!

Over the Hill Birthday Gift Baskets

Milestone birthdays are a great time to tease someone about their "old" age. Over the hill gift baskets are especially popular for 30th, 40th and 50th birthdays, since each one represents a new era in the person's life. If the birthday boy or girl has a sense of humor, try making a gag gift basket. Start with a black waste basket and fill the bottom with black shred. Inside you can put some "gifts" that will come in handy in their old age. Fiber pills, a magnifying glass, and some early bird special coupons for a local restaurant will have them laughing. Add a copy of the AARP magazine and a black bow and your over the hill gift basket is complete. You might want to have your camera ready when they open this one!

Birthday Food Gift Baskets

Food always makes a great gift, so why not send a gourmet food gift basket for the next birthday? You can make a birthday food gift basket this year to bring to the party. Fill up a festive wicker basket or birthday themed container with some of their favorite foods and some of your favorites so they'll have something new to try. Birthdays are a good excuse to eat sweets, so cookies, candy, and chocolates are excellent choices. Wrap some of the individual gifts with festive wrapping paper for a unique touch to your birthday gift basket. Add a small wrapped cake and candles to be enjoyed later. For that finishing touch, top off your basket with some matching curly ribbon.

16th Birthday Gift Baskets

Every birthday is important and worth acknowledging, but there are a few that very special. Turning 16 is a huge day for most teenagers. It's the day they are legally old enough to drive in most states, and also when they might start feeling that their adulthood is near. If your child is fortunate enough to have their drivers license and is allowed to use the family car, you can celebrate their 16th birthday with a gift basket based on the automobile. Use a car-shaped container and include some auto stickers, key chain, gas gift card, and some driving sunglasses. For the diva on the road, include a fuzzy pink steering wheel cover!

Birthday Cookie Gift Basket

If you know someone who doesn't like cake, perhaps try sending them a cookie gift basket this year for their birthday. If you know how to bake, why not make a batch of their favorite flavor, like chocolate chip, peanut butter or maybe oatmeal raisin? Individually wrap each cookie in colored plastic wrap and arrange them in a festive wicker basket. Top your basket off with a small Mylar, or tie on a big helium balloon for an even grander presentation. Tuck a card in back and your gourmet cookie birthday gift basket is ready for giving!
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