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Valentine's Day Candy Bouquet

Valentine's Day is a perennial favorite for candy gifts, and a candy bouquet is sure to please your valentine this year. Start by finding a themed container, like a ceramic pot with hearts on the outside, or a red wicker heart-shaped basket. Then fill up your basket with sweets they will love, like chocolate truffles, candy hearts, chocolate covered Oreos®, etc. Try and find special seasonal versions of the candies that come in matching red and silver wrappers for maximum effect. Include a personal hand-written note card in your Valentine's Day candy bouquet and they'll love your gift almost as much as they love you!

Gourmet Candy Bouquets

Candy comes in a lot of varieties, and these days there is a greater selection of gourmet brands that are widely available. If you know someone with a sweet tooth who also prefers gourmet food and candy, you can make them a gourmet candy bouquet. First, find a suitable sized clean flower pot and fill the inside with floral foam. Cover the foam with matching shred or curling ribbon, then attach your candy on sticks and arrange them in the pot. Some of the more popular gourmet candies include Ghirardelli chocolate, Jelly Belly® Jelly Beans, Ferrero Rocher hazelnut nuggets, and truffles. Finish your bouquet with a large bow and hand-written note.

Candy Topiary

To add a holiday twist to the traditional candy bouquet, why not make a candy topiary? Buy a cone-shaped floral foam form at a local craft store, along with some floral picks. Next, pick your favorite candy, but make sure it is fairly small in size, like hard mints or bite-sized Snickers. Using the floral picks, attach each piece of candy to the foam, until it is completely covered in candy. Top it off with a wire star, giant bow, or other holiday-themed decoration, and your topiary is ready to display or give!

Get Well Candy Bouquets

Get well candy bouquets can be a unique way to send your well wishes to someone who is recovering. These are particularly suitable for kids or small children that need some cheering up. You can make a small candy bouquet using a get well mug and a few of their favorite candies, like Snickers, M&M's, and Twizzlers. Use miniature or fun-sized candy bars and attach each piece of candy to the stick so it will stick up out of the mug. Use a piece of floral foam inside the mug to hold the sticks, and cover it up with colored shred or lots of curling ribbon. A small get well balloon can be used to complete your bouquet.
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