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Graduation Gift Baskets

Whether they are graduating from elementary school, high school, college, or just passed their professional bar exam or doctor's boards, celebrate their milestone achievement with a graduation gift basket. They'll no doubt be ready to relax and unwind after the stress leading up to finals or after interviewing. Why not give them something sweet to savor their accomplishments? Themed coffee mugs make popular foundations or containers for graduation gift baskets. You can fill the mug with cookies, candy, chocolate, and other sweets. Top your mug with a small themed balloon or floral pick and your gift will be complete.

Retirement Gift Baskets

Retirement is a once in a lifetime event that should be celebrated. If you know someone who is retiring, surprise them with a retirement gift basket. Find a sturdy wicker basket and line it with colorful shred. If you know what their favorite hobbies are, you can make a themed gift centered on fishing, golfing, gardening, etc. Check with a local gift store to find a retirement themed coffee mug, and put some nice flavored coffee packets inside. Additionally, there are lots of books about dealing with retirement, and one of these would certainly be a welcome addition to your basket. You could also include some of their favorite snacks like fruit, chocolate, and nuts. Finally, since the event is cause for celebration, add a bottle of champagne or sparkling apple cider. Retirement gift baskets are a fun way to send them off to the next chapter in their lives.

New Promotion Gift Basket

If a friend or family member just got a big promotion at work, why not give them a congratulations gift basket to let them know you're proud of their achievements? If their job includes some new responsibilities, consider including some practical items, like a new calculator or hands-free headset for their telephone. You can also add some little "executive" desk gifts, like a miniature pool table or Newton's cradle. A personalized business card holder and nice fountain pen will really make them feel like their new career is taking off. Simply place all your gift items in a wire paper caddy that will look great on their new desk.
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