Tips - Corporate Gift Baskets

Office Party Gift Baskets

When you need to thank a whole team of employees or a key partner after a major milestone achievement, consider an office party gift basket. Start with a basket big enough to hold food for the whole group; you could even use a wicker laundry hamper or tub for a really big team. Fill up your basket with ready to eat gourmet food like chocolate truffles, tortilla chips, salsas, cookies, and popcorn. If it's a celebration, add a few bottles of champagne, sparkling cider or other favorite beverage. Make sure to include a thank you card and top it off with big bow. Office party gift baskets are great for team morale and will give everyone some time to celebrate and reflect on their recent accomplishments.

Logo Cookie Gift Baskets

Getting companies to remember your name and product can sometimes be challenging. The next time you need to get their attention, consider a logo cookie gift basket. You can find a local bakery or online store to create cookies with your company name or product iced right on top. They are usually made with edible colored icing and are a sweet and unique way to convey your corporate message. You can also send logo cookie gift baskets to all your new clients as sweet corporate thank you gifts.

Custom Gift Baskets

If you need to send gifts on behalf of your company, consider sending custom corporate gift baskets tailored to the person's interests. For example, if they enjoy playing golf, you could send them a golf gift basket and include their favorite kind of golf balls and a voucher for a free round at their favorite course. If you always have your business meetings at their favorite restaurant, consider a wine gift basket, with a nice bottle of wine, some fruit or snacks, and a gift certificate to the restaurant. Take the time to appreciate your clients and they will thank you for your effort by rewarding you with more business.

Business Referral Gift Baskets

If you get a lot of business through word of mouth and referrals, it is important to periodically thank those that send you this unsolicited business. Business referral gift baskets are a great way to say "thank you" to your business associates that help keep your company busy. There is no set rule on how often or how much to spend on these types of gifts. Take into consideration how much business you have gotten as a result of their referrals, and how long it's been since you thanked them.

Corporate Thank You Gift Baskets

A proven way to increase your chances of landing a prospective new client is to send corporate gift baskets as thank-you.s after your proposal meetings. The key to success is picking a theme that matches the style of the company you are trying to sell, to show them you understand them. For example, if you were pitching a new remote controlled car to a toy company, something bright and cheerful would be appropriate, and if you could work in a car theme, that would be even better. But if you are an accounting firm trying to land a Fortune 500 client, you would want to pick something more understated and classic. When done right, corporate thank you gift baskets can help you win new business and keep current clients.
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