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Sometimes as executive assistants it can feel a bit like you are a lone wolf, especially if you are a Virtual Assistant. Often times not being part of a “team” in an office or having no coworkers can be lonely!  Whether you’re virtual or not, there are great ways to meet others in similar roles.  You’ll get advice, a great camaraderie feeling and be able to connect with others who really "get it."  Here are some resources that are great for finding others in your field.

Executive Secretary magazine has a terrific list of networks and associations at the national, regional and local levels.  Here’s where you can see this impressive list: Associations. One of our favorite groups on the list is Office Ninjas. They hold fun and well-organized "Admingling" networking events in various cities, which I recommend.

There are a variety of ways to find local groups, all it takes is a little searching.  In Austin, for example, we have the Young Women's Alliance, Texas Young Professionals and Austin Young Chamber.  There are also national groups like Network After Work that have meetings in most cities in America and a number of smaller ones as well.  Try googling keywords, such as "networking [your city]" and see what pops up.  

If you haven’t heard of MeetUp, you should check it out! There are often times local Meetups like the one we found in Austin called APNA. I recommend searching within MeetUp using keywords such as Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Executive Assistant, etc.  You’ll most likely find one in your area; if there isn’t one, maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own!

A lot of folks are active on LinkedIn, which is used for much more than just recruiting.   Here are some LinkedIn groups I recommend: OfficeNinjas, Effective Executive Secretary Network, Executive Assistants to CEOs, Executive Personal Assistants Society, Executive/Personal Assistants, as well as the PAs, EAs, VAs and Senior Administrators group. You could also ask your fellow assistants if they’re connected to any other groups themselves.

Great websites can also foster a feeling of community.  I’ve stumbled on some great ones here:

Of course there are tons of blogs, but these are some nice ones to check out:

Also, don’t forget workshops and conferences both locally and nationally.  One great workshop is Be the Ultimate Assistant. Don’t be afraid to ask your principal to cover the fees; you’d be surprised at how often principals are happy to support continuous professional development.

I hope these resources help to build your network of like-minded people. Please reach out to me if you know of any other resources that I can add to this list at [email protected].

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