Tips for Finding the Best Stroller for Twins

Image from Graco Products via Flickr
Image from Graco Products via Flickr
Image from Graco Products via Flickr

If a friend or family member is having twins, you can do her a favor and purchase her a double stroller. They are also great for a newborn and a toddler or two older siblings. Relatively new on the scene, and much less expensive than in the past, the double stroller is a modern convenience no mom wants or needs to be without.

If you know the mom well, ask her if she’d mind a second-hand stroller. If she’s open to it, you’ve just made your job of finding the perfect double stroller a lot easier (Great if you’re purchasing it for yourself, too!)  Second-hand and consignment shops offer a tremendous selection of double strollers for a twin baby gift. Most resale shops will not take a stroller into their store unless it is in pristine condition. They want to sell it, right? If you check the Yellow Pages, local newspapers and online, you’ll find all kinds of thrift stores in your area. Some are better than others. Don’t go to the Goodwill or Salvation Army with the expectation that you’re going to find a brand new double stroller. Usually, since they take donations, they’re not picky about missing screws, bolts and accessories.

Do yourself a favor and visit a resale shop that specializes in baby and kid items. There, you will find your double stroller at a fraction of the new cost. Don’t give up if you don’t find one on the first day out. Check back often and give the clerk or store owner your name and number and when she gets a double stroller in, she’ll let you know.

But what if you are only willing to consider new? That’s fine, too. You just have to know what to look for. Buy the stroller that’s the best quality you can afford. This will be mom’s go-to accessory and she’ll be using it every day. Look for:

  • A stroller that collapses for storage with one hand so mom can pop the clip and get it into the car easily
  • Seat backs that recline all the way so children can nap comfortably while out on a stroll
  • Sturdy wheels, the fatter the better. This will make it safer and easier to push
  • Back breaks so there’s no chance the stroller will roll away
  • A roomy storage compartment underneath for diaper bag
  • Sun canopies for both children
  • A model that seats the children side by side is best. There are also models where one child sits in front of the other, but those are harder to maneuver
  • A cup holder for mom’s latte or a sippy cup
  • A size that will fit in mom’s car when folded and will be easy for mom to push (if she’s tiny, go for a smaller model)
  • A center handle bar for pushing vs. just two handles spread apart. The center handle option is easier to push
  • A durable fabric that can easily be washed when spills occur
  • A color that is pleasant and matches mom’s tastes (she may not like black)
  • A weigh capacity of 50 pounds per seat. Children up to 50 pounds still want to ride in the stroller.
  • Padded seats for less cranky babies
  • T-shaped seat belts so baby’s legs can’t slip through

Hopefully this information helps with your search for the perfect new mom gift! Good luck with the search, and check back and post your thoughts or finds!

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