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Tips for What to Write in Thank You Notes

Published October 14, 2010        by Rae Ann

Sample Thank You Note Text

The art of the thank you note has fallen by the wayside. It used to be years ago that every literate person knew just how to write a beautiful thank you note. It was expected that a note would be sent for every gift received. People wrote their notes on lovely stationery and the recipient often kept their note in a special box to look at again and treasure.

Today, emails and texts have replaced the formal thank you note. It is still, however, necessary to send a more formal note through the mail when you have received a gift or kind gesture.

Select the very best note card or stationery you can find. Use a black or blue pen as older people often cannot read notes written in pink or light green or purple. They are lovely colors but not legible all the time.

Now, what to say? There are so many occasions where a thank you note is needed. Here are a few to get you started.

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The Wedding Gift Thank You

Dear Aunt Grace and Uncle Bob,

We were so delighted to receive the set of cast iron cooking pans for our wedding. We love to cook and will think of you both every time we use them. We will have to have you over once things settle down to enjoy a meal with us that we prepared using your pans. Again, thank you for the wonderful gift.

Love, Alice and Brian

Always try to mention the gift by name and tell how you will use it. Offer an invitation in the future if the gift-giver is close to you. Be sincere and don’t feel you have to go overboard with flowery thanks. A simple note is best. If you can’t remember what a person gave you (but you know they gave a gift) because the gift card was lost, you still need to write a thank you. Never skip it and pretend you didn’t get the gift. The person who gave it to you may ask you about it and then you’ll be embarrassed.

Here’s what you can say in that case:

Dear Aunt Grace and Uncle Bob,

It was so lovely to have you both at our wedding. We loved seeing you there to share our special day. And thank you for the generous gift. Your kindness is much appreciated. We hope to see you again soon.

Love, Alice and Brian

Here, you’ve thanked them properly but eliminated the awkwardness of not knowing exactly which gift was theirs.

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A Kind Gesture

Often someone will do something nice for you or go out of their way to help you. A thank you note is in order. Here’s an example of what you could say:

Dear Theresa,

It was so kind of you to help me clean out my mom’s house last weekend. I know you took time out of your busy schedule to help us sort through mom’s things. Having you there was such a comfort. I hope I can repay the favor someday soon.

Love, Mark

Thank the person for exactly what they did or gave. If it was their time, be sure they know how much it meant to you. Be specific and sincere, and never let a good deed go unnoticed.

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