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Tips for Writing Christmas Thank You Cards

Published December 31, 2014        by Matt

tips for writing Christmas thank you cards

The thank you card has somewhat fallen out of favor. It's time to revive it by writing a thank you card for all the holiday gifts you received.

It's nice to teach the next generation how meaningful thank you notes can be as well. It's a nice gesture that shows good breeding and a sense of fine etiquette.

tips for writing christmas thank you cards 1 260x269 Tips for Writing Christmas Thank You Cards

Each Gift is Warranted a Thank You Note

No if's, and's or but's about it

A thank you note, especially at Christmas, can be an unexpected arrival. Most people think that saying thank you in person to a gift-giver is enough. It really isn't. For any Christmas gift sets that you receive, it is proper to send a handwritten thank you note.

Just like when you receive a wedding or shower gift. You must write thank you notes for each gift you receive and not think that one note will cover both gifts. The gift-giver took the time to give you two gifts. So they should receive two thank you notes.

Image by Meiteng

Example 1

tips for writing christmas thank you cards 2 520x394 Tips for Writing Christmas Thank You Cards

Save Time, Plan Ahead

Do it all in one shot

At Christmas time, with all there is to do, and with holiday cards having just gone out, you may feel like a thank you note is the last thing you have time for. One good time-saving idea is to send out your Christmas cards right after Christmas Day.

This way, you save on having to write out Christmas cards in advance and can just send one letter or card that wishes a Merry Christmas and also contains your thanks for any gift you received.

 Tips for Writing Christmas Thank You Cards

Example 2

tips for writing christmas thank you cards 3 520x394 Tips for Writing Christmas Thank You Cards

Long-Distance Gifts

To open or not to open

Gifts from far away often come in before the holiday. If you receive a Christmas gift basket in advance, open it right away and get your thank you card in the mail right away. If you save the gift for "under the tree," you will leave your giver wondering if you ever received it.

Image by  woodleywonderworks  on Flickr
Image by woodleywonderworks on Flickr

If it's a gift for a child, you might want to save it so they can open it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but in that case, make a thank you phone call to the giver as soon as you receive it in the mail. Let them know that you appreciate their thoughtfulness towards your child and that you are going to surprise him or her with it on the big day. Then, a follow-up thank you note is in order.

Saying Thank You

Never goes out of style!

tips for writing christmas thank you cards 4 260x219 Tips for Writing Christmas Thank You Cards

What To Write

Many people agonize over what to write in a thank you note. It need not be difficult or cause you to procrastinate for weeks. Keep a stack of blank thank you notes on hand in several different styles (so you don't keep sending the same one to the same person each time).

Keep postage and a nice pen nearby so there's no excuse not to write a note.

Example 3

tips for writing christmas thank you cards 5 520x354 Tips for Writing Christmas Thank You Cards

Hand-Write Your Letter

Don't type it out

Say something heartfelt. It's not expected that you be a poet or professional writer. Just write something to the effect of how you will use the gift, that you're so thankful that you were thought of in such a kind way, that you love the gift (even if you don't), and that you wish the giver well. That's it. There's nothing complicated.

Just string a few well-crafted sentences together in your own handwriting and you're set. No computers should be used in thank you note writing as it looks impersonal.

Also, write in a dark ink that is legible rather than a fruity pastel ink or funky silver color. Many people can't read those types of inks well.

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