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Tips - Get Well Gift Baskets

Published December 21, 2007        by Nicole

Kids Get Well Gift Baskets

Being sick is bad enough as an adult, but it can be really difficult for a child. If you can't be there to help them recuperate in person, kids get well gift baskets are a great way to let them know you are thinking about them. Activity books are a great item to include in your gift. Word finds, crossword puzzles, brain teasers and similar titles will help them pass the time and keep their mind active while their body heals. A favorite DVD or new video game title is also a good idea if they're okay with mom and dad. For younger kids, consider adding a stuffed animal and/or a get well balloon.

Gourmet Get Well Gift Baskets

Do you know someone who has a taste for the finer foods in life but is currently too sick to cook for themselves? Sending a gourmet get well gift basket would be a great way to lift their spirits and also provide them with some much needed nutrition. Gourmet foods like smoked salmon, chocolate truffles, and fine cheeses can make great snacks and also hold up well during shipping. A gourmet soup mix and savory breadsticks would also help speed up their recovery. Finish your gift with some fresh-roasted coffee or tea and they'll be sure to appreciate your efforts.

Co-Worker Get Well Gift Baskets

If you have a sick co-worker, why not send something to their home from the whole group? If you make the gift basket yourself, you can include some of their favorite snacks from the vending machine. You could also use a company coffee mug and place coffee or tea packets inside. Another great way to cheer them up is to use a digital camera to take some pictures of the office and put them on a CD inside the gift. Take some pictures of their friends and a few while sitting at their desk so they'll feel like they're there with you. A get well card signed by everyone at the office is a great way to complete your get well gift basket. Instead of a card, you might also have everyone write a note on company letterhead and use the papers to fill in between the other gifts

Get Well Book Gift Baskets

Reading books is an easy way to pass the time while recuperating. Get well book gift baskets are sure to be well received by any bookworm that is under the weather. Chicken Soup for the Soul are popular books for get well situations, but anything that captures their interest will do. The latest best sellers will keep them engrossed for hours, and you could also include some puzzle books like sudoku or crosswords to keep their attention. No get well basket would be complete without some food, so add some chocolate chip cookies, chicken soup and snacks to perk them up.

Get Well Gift Baskets Delivery

Being ill is a difficult time for everybody. Not only are you not feeling well, but often you are home alone while recuperating. Get well gift baskets make a great way to cheer someone up and let them know you haven't forgotten about them. If the person lives nearby and is able to receive visitors, consider delivering the gift yourself. Not only will you get to see them open the gift in front of you, they'll no doubt welcome the company. You can make the gift yourself, or pick one up at a local store. If your recipient does not live nearby, try and find a local gift basket person in their area using a gift basket directory. If the person is still in the hospital, consider waiting until they back home. Hospitals can be a difficult place to deliver, and the patient's diet might prevent them enjoying your gift.