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Tips - Gourmet Gift Baskets

Published December 21, 2007        by Nicole

Italian Gift Baskets

Italy is known for pasta, but their cuisine offers far more variety beyond the carb-filled wonder. Introduce someone to all the flavors of the region with an Italian gift basket. Start off your sampler with ingredients for bruschetta: crusty bread, roma tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil. Add a can of zuppa Toscana for a taste of Tuscany. Next, add some seafood inspired by the Mediterranean, like shrimp pate or anchovies. For the main course, you can include pasta a sauce, or even some flavored risotto and smoked meat. Finish your tour with espresso and tiramisu for dessert. Italian gift baskets can be a fun way to explore all the tastes the country has to offer.

Pasta Gift Baskets

Italy is known for its great pastas. You can make a special gift to give to someone who enjoys all the great shapes and varieties of this favorite food. Pasta gift baskets should start with a themed container, like a colander or antique wicker hamper if you can find one. Fill up your gift with a variety of different shaped pastas like vermicelli, ziti, and manicotti. If your recipient likes to cook themselves, try some fresh produce like tomatoes, garlic, basil and mushrooms. You can also use ready-made sauces in jars like marinara, puttanesca, and pesto. Finish your pasta gift basket with a small bottle of olive oil and some breadsticks.

Salsa Gift Baskets

Salsa now outsells ketchup in the U.S. as the favorite condiment. One of the reasons for salsa's popularity is the endless variety of flavors that make up this tasty concoction. From mild to hot, sweet to smoky, there are salsas for every taste. If you know someone who likes to try new things, why not make them a salsa gift basket with some new brands and flavors. Pick out some traditional favorites, but make sure to add some more exotic flavors too, like peach mango and chipotle. Add a few varieties of tortilla chips too, like black bean and blue corn. Salsa gift baskets make a great hostess or housewarming gift too. Finish the presentation off with a bright colored bow.

Tea Gift Baskets

Tea makes a soothing and relaxing gift. Simply pair it up with some light snacks to make your own tea gift baskets. For a memorable design, use a ceramic tea pot, and fill the inside with tea-themed gifts for them to enjoy. Start with some single serve packages of favorites like Darjeeling, oolong, earl grey, and English breakfast tea. Then add a few light snacks for them to savor while enjoying their beverage, such as small tea cakes, shortbread cookies, and some hard candy. You can even include some honey to put in the tea and a few keepsake stir sticks. Just make sure to pack everything carefully so your tea gift basket doesn't break while in transit.

Diabetic Gift Baskets

If you know some who has diabetes, you might normally shy away from sending them food. However, done right, diabetic gift baskets can be even more special. That's because your recipient will know and appreciate all the extra effort you had to go through to find special foods to use in your diabetic gift basket. You can fill your basket with sugar free snacks that are safe for them to eat, like popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, sugar free candy, crackers and cheese. Just be sure to check all the labels carefully and your diabetic recipient will sure love your gift!

Gourmet Popcorn Tins

Popcorn is a favorite snack food, and you can give popcorn tins as a gift for just about any occasion. Making gourmet popcorn is a fun project and a great way to gets the kids involved. Make up a batch of fresh popcorn, and have the kids help you add some different flavors to your creation. You can mix your popcorn with simple syrup to make popcorn balls, and add colored candies or nuts for a little variety. Wrap each popcorn ball in colored plastic wrap and place them in a themed tin. Put a big bow on top and you have created a gourmet popcorn tin worth giving!

Coffee Gift Baskets

You can make a coffee gift basket to give to anyone who enjoys this popular beverage. You could even make small coffee gift baskets for each of your friends and use them as party favors at an event hosted at your home, like a Pampered Chef or Tastefully Simple party. To make these popular gifts, find some decorative mugs, and fill them each with a single serve coffee packet, package of biscotti, and a chocolate covered spoon. Attach a matching bow and you have quick and relatively inexpensive gifts for your next event.

Dessert Gift Baskets

If you want to completely overwhelm someone with over-the-top indulgence, consider giving them a dessert gift basket. For some, dessert is considered the main course! If you know someone that feels this way, this would be a fun surprise for them. You might want to use a Bundt pan for your container, and then fill it with lots of different desserts like fresh-baked peanut butter cookies, toffee chunk brownies, lemon pound cake, and chocolate covered strawberries. Including of these decadent treats in your dessert gift basket would make for a nice variety of flavors and colors. Just remember to fill the pan with enough pieces so they are sticking out the top. This gift is best given while fresh, so you should individually wrap each piece with plastic wrap.

Chocolate Gift Baskets

If your friend thinks chocolate is its own food group, indulge her cravings with a gourmet chocolate gift basket. You'll want to start with a dark brown wicker basket, and use black or dark brown shred in the bottom. Then fill up the basket with a decadent display of her favorite chocolate treats. Some popular treats to include in chocolate gift baskets are truffles, fudge, white chocolate covered Oreos®, Godiva chocolates, brownies, malt balls, and gourmet candy bars. She'll be so happy with your gift that she might share some with you!

Breakfast Gift Baskets

Breakfast gift baskets make unique gifts for any occasion. Use a wicker handle basket to tote some favorites like fluffy pancake mix, maple syrup, smoked bacon, muffin mix, granola, canned fruit, strawberry jam, orange juice and coffee or tea. Visit the local bakery to buy some fresh-baked treats to add to your breakfast gift basket. Items like bagels, croissants, and chocolate chip scones will make delicious additions. You could also add a breakfast cookbook and some dishes and silverware so your gift is ready to be enjoyed.