Tips - Housewarming Baskets

Welcome to the Neighborhood Gift Basket

Buying a new home can be very stressful especially since people do not really get a chance to meet their prospective new neighbors before moving in. You can help ease the transition for your new neighbors by giving them a welcome to the neighborhood gift basket. Include your development phone book if you have one, or at least the names and phone numbers of the people on your block. Add a local magazine about the area, and menus from your favorite local restaurants.

Vacation Home Housewarming Gift Basket

If your new neighbors are fortunate enough to buy a home in your neighborhood to use as a seasonal vacation home, you can welcome them to the neighborhood in style with a housewarming gift basket. Vacation homeowners are much less likely to know the area, so your gift can help make them feel welcome in their new community. You could start with some local favorite foods, like fresh seafood if you're near the ocean or fresh fruit if near an orchard. You can also include a list of local business they might need, like the closest hospital, grocery stores, etc. The most helpful information you can include is a list of trusted local professional contractors, since they are unlikely to know where to find a good plumber, electrician, etc. They'll be delighted with your thoughtfulness!

Handyman-themed Housewarming Gift Basket

Some people enjoy home improvements, and purposely buy a house in need of some repairs to they can remodel it themselves. If your friends buy a fixer-upper, you can make them a handyman-themed housewarming gift basket. Use a new disposable paint pail, and inside place common consumable home improvement supplies, like paint rollers, disposable drop cloths, painter's tape, spackle, wire nuts, and carpenter pencils. You could also include a fun new gadget, like a laser line level. Make sure to add a few snacks to give them energy while working on all their new home improvement projects.

Retirement Home Housewarming Gift Basket

Making the transition from a traditional home to a retirement home is a major undertaking. The new home may be far away, and the new homeowners will almost be unfamiliar with "apartment style" living. When someone new moves into your wing, help them settle in with a retirement home housewarming gift basket. Think back to when you first moved in. What new things did you need that were not obvious, like the local bus schedule or some water exercise equipment to take advantage of the swimming pool? Have everyone in the hall pitch in and deliver your welcoming gift as a group. The new homeowners will be touched to see all their new friends and neighbors that care.

Cookie Kit Gift Basket

Housewarming gifts don't have to be boring. Try this idea when you need something new - a cookie kit gift basket. Using a nice insulated baking sheet, simply stack on top of it all the supplies necessary to make some delicious homemade cookies. You can buy a cookie kit at most grocery stores. These kits come with all the dry ingredients pre-measured and separated into different compartments. Add a mixing bowl, spoon, spatula, oven mitt, and some cookie cutters and your gift is ready for giving. To top it off, wrap your stack tightly with ribbon to keep it from moving around. Cookie kit gift baskets are particularly fun for young homeowners that might not have a lot of kitchenware.
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