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Tips - Kids Gift Baskets

Published December 21, 2007        by Nicole

Kids Candy Bouquet

Children love candy, so kid.s candy bouquets are sure to please. The first step is figuring out what kind of candy you want to use. They might love M&M's, Snickers, Skittles or some other candy. You can make a bouquet from a single variety if they really love only one kind, or you can use lots of different kinds for more variety. You might even try adding some candy bars from your childhood that they might not have tried before. Find a container that is the right size for your candy, and arrange your pieces in a nice bouquet. For the container, you can use anything from a ceramic teapot to a tin pail with a colorful design. If you are concerned about giving them too much sugar, you can use smaller sized pieces, and mix in some healthier snacks with the candy, like dried fruit, nuts or pretzels.

Teenage Movie Basket

Watching movies is a popular pastime for teenagers. If you're a parent, you can make a movie gift basket for your teenager that they'll be sure to enjoy, and you'll have the piece of mind of knowing where they are for at least one night this weekend! You can use a popcorn tub, and inside place some microwave popcorn, twizzlers, a couple of bottles of soda, and their favorite DVD. Pick out a popular new release, or introduce your teenage to a classic from when you were younger, either way, your movie gift basket is sure to be a blockbuster!

Kid Book Gift Baskets

Giving books as a gift is a great way to encourage reading for children. Kid book gift baskets can be arranged around a theme, like mystery or adventure, or you could also select several titles appropriate for their age group. If you are buying books for someone else's children, check with the parents to see where their interests lie. You should also consider some non-fiction books to round out the selection. A biography of a person they admire would be a great choice. If your child likes to read at night, consider a clip-on book light so they don't strain their eyes reading in the dark. Wrap the books up individually, or put them in a tote bag or backpack so they can carry the books. To finish your kid.s book gift basket, include a couple of coordinating bookmarks and maybe a few snacks to munch on while reading.

Girls Gift Baskets

Many girls have an appreciation of art and design, which is why girls gift baskets make great presents for birthdays, get well, and other occasions. Sometimes the hardest part is getting her to take apart something so pretty. If you know her interests, you can design a gift just for her that she will really enjoy. If she likes shopping, fill up a purse with makeup and lip stick. You can vary the amount spent by buying different size purses and supplementing the gifts with a gift card to her favorite clothing store if necessary. You might also fill a shoulder bag with some books if she likes to read. For young girls, fill a colorful container with coloring books, crayons, chalk, stickers, and crafts.

College Kids Gift Baskets

Anyone who has been to college knows it can be a very difficult time in any young adult.s life. For many kids it is the first time they have been away from home for any extended length of time. They may be publicly celebrating their independence, but privately a little homesick. A care package can be a great way to let them know you care about them without invading their newfound freedom. Homemade baked goods are a great item to put in your college kids gift basket. Cookies, quick breads and muffins will remind them you still care and provide some energy too. Microwave popcorn, fruit, nuts and pretzels also make great healthy snacks when they are up late studying for finals.

Boys Gift Baskets

Kids love getting presents, and a boys gift basket can make a great present for a kid of any age. The key is finding an appropriate theme based on his interests. For example, for young boys you might use a big plastic dump truck, and fill up the back with things such as bubbles, sand toys, and puzzle books. An older boy might like a new backpack filled model cars, games, and sports equipment. If he loves football, buy a helmet from his favorite team and fill it up with candy and football trading cards. Other popular gifts for boys include video games and mp3 or iPod music players.

Brain Teaser Gift Basket

If your child enjoys puzzles and brain teasers, why not encourage his cognitive development by assembling a kid.s gift basket full of brain teaser activities? First, find some puzzle books, like crosswords, sudoku, word finds, etc. Then add some real puzzles, like a Rubik's cube, interlocking rings, etc. You can tailor your puzzles to their interests, like word puzzles to build their vocabulary, or complex math problems for the future scientist. Jigsaw puzzles are always a good way exercise their brains too. Finish your gift with a few mechanical pencils, a good eraser, and some snacks to keep them fortified while trying to solve all the mysteries.