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Tips - Men Gift Baskets

Published December 21, 2007        by Nicole

Gift Baskets for Men

Need help making gift baskets for men? Here are some unique ideas to help you get started on your project. First, decide on a theme based on his interests. Perhaps motorcycles or computers? Once you've picked a theme for your man gift basket, you'll need a container. Try and find something original that coordinates with your theme to hold the gifts inside. It could be anything from a toolbox for the handyman to a soft-sided cooler for the sports fanatic. Then just fill up your container with gifts matching your theme. The racing enthusiast might like some memorabilia from his sport. If he's your favorite Mr. Fixit, check your local hardware store for the latest tools and gadgets. Be creative and he's sure to appreciate your efforts!

Golf Gift Baskets

Anyone who has played golf knows what a trying, yet addictive, game it can be. No matter what your score, you always feel like you can do better with a little more practice and concentration. Help the golfers in your life celebrate their passion with golf gift baskets. The sport is so popular that there is no shortage of golf-themed items for you to choose from. You can use anything from tees and practice balls to towels and ball markers for your gift. A new head cover from their favorite college team would look great on their driver. Finish off your golf gift basket with some snacks to give them energy on the course. Pretzels, cookies and bottled water are all great additions to your present. For an added treat, throw in some tokens for the local driving range or a gift certificate for a free round of golf.

Fishing Gift Baskets

Whether they like deep sea fishing, fly fishing in a mountain stream, or casting a line in the local lake, there are plenty of unique ways to make a memorable fishing gift basket. For the container, try using a nice broad brimmed hat to keep the sun out of their eyes. Turn the hat upside down and fill the inside with some new lures, hooks, bobbers and weights. Fisherman love gadgets too, so check at the local sporting goods store to see what the latest inventions are. Snacks are always appreciated while angling, and some high energy treats like trail mix, dried fruit and almonds will come in handy. If it's not fishing season right now, chances are there is a boat show or other outdoor sporting event show going on in the local area. Tickets to the show would make a great addition to your fishing gift basket.

Football Gift Baskets

If you know a man that loves the pigskin (and who doesn't), football gift baskets make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, the Super Bowl or even the season opener! Sporting goods stores have lots of themed apparel from every major professional and college team, from the Cowboys and Steelers to the Trojans and Gators. Any basket or container embossed with the team logo and colors can be used to hold the gifts inside. Fill it up with team paraphernalia, like hats, coffee mugs and a foam brick to throw at the TV when things aren't going well for the home team. Finish your football gift basket off with some snacks to eat while watching the big game, like tortilla chips and cheese dip.

Baseball Gift Baskets

Baseball gift baskets can be a fun surprise present for any man. Start with a themed container, like a ceramic baseball or batting helmet, and fill it with memorabilia and items from his favorite team. Many baseball fans love to know all the statistics about the players and their favorite teams, so a book of baseball facts and trivia would make a great addition to your basket. For the serious fan, consider an autographed baseball from their favorite player or team, or even a rare playing card from an all-star's rookie season. Baseball caps are a perennial favorite, too. Finish off your baseball gift basket with a couple of tickets for an upcoming game and a bag of cracker jacks and peanuts in the shell for a true ballpark feel.

Beer Gift Baskets

If you know a beer lover, why not make them a beer gift basket for their birthday, Father's Day, or other special occasion? Beer gift baskets are best when you can deliver the gift in person, since liquids can be fragile and heavy to ship. A metal tub makes a good container for this gift. Many liquor stores now offer variety packs or samplers from micro-breweries. Simply mix in a variety of seasonal and specialty edition brews, along with a bottle or two of their favorite brand. Your gift basket should also include a few snacks to eat with the beer, and maybe a couple of insulated bottle coolers. For an extra special effect, keep the whole gift cold until you give it to him, or dump some ice in the bottom of the tub just before presenting it. He'll love the surprise and the beer!

Chef Gift Baskets

Some men enjoy cooking, so why not encourage them to develop their skills with a chef gift basket? Most men don't own an apron, so find a .manly. one for him to wear while messing up the kitchen with his latest culinary experiment. You can also include some new gadgets that he might not own yet, like a mandolin, instant read thermometer, and citrus zester. Add a new cookbook from a famous male chef, like Wolfgang Puck or Emeril Lagasse. For your container, you can use a traditional white chef's hat turned upside down or metal colander, and place all your gifts inside. To make a personalized chef's gift basket, have his name embroidered on the hat and/or apron.

Barbeque Gift Basket

If your man is the "King of the Grill," why not acknowledge his expertise by making a barbeque gift basket? And the best part is that you can relax while he does the cooking! For the container, consider using a low profile sturdy wicker basket with handles. That way he can re-use the basket to hold all his barbecue equipment. Inside, fill it with some new marinades and spices. You can find an endless variety of specialty seasonings, sauces and rubs at gourmet food stores and online at places like Penzeys. You could also add some new grill tools and a grilling cookbook. For the ultimate in treats, pick up one of the new wireless thermometers, so he can monitor the temperature of his latest masterpiece from afar.