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Tips On Involving Children In Buying Mother's Day Gifts

Published April 25, 2012        by Sarah

Image by CEThompson on FlickrMother's Day is a time for mom to be celebrated for all that she does and for all that she means to the family. Children really should have a hand in choosing her gift. It will mean so much more to her that way. But how do you get them involved if you are a dad or an uncle or a caregiver?

It's easy! Kids love to make things. No matter what age they are, they will surely have a passion for making something. Whether it's a Lego castle, a paper airplane or a finger painting, kids love to work with their hands. So start there with each child's interests.

The children should be able to give ideas of what mom might like. They probably spend a great deal of time with her watching what she does and knowing what makes her happy. So, let them suggest based on what they think would be perfect. No answer is too foolish to consider. If Bobby thinks mom would like a green giraffe made out of clay, let him make it. If Sarah insists that mom wants a dress made out of tissue paper, let her do it.

Moms love getting drawings, crafts and heartfelt gifts from their children. But if you want to pick out a gift that's more permanent and a bit more expensive than a craft item, bring the children with you to help find it.

If you're heading to a mall, start talking with the kids in the car about what they think mom would like. They may suggest something you'd never thought of. Try to arrange to have mom's sizes on hand if you can. A shoe size, pants size, and ring size are all handy. But you can also opt for Mother's Day gifts that require no sizing.

When the kids have given some ideas, head to the stores that you think might have the items. If you're going for jewelry, head right to the anchor stores like Macy's or Nordstrom's. Whichever stores are at the two ends of the mall will usually have a nice jewelry department and can be less pricey than the stand alone jewelry stores. But try those, too. A nice necklace or bracelet is always a good idea. Just be sure you think about which metals mom favors. If she only wears white gold and you show up with yellow gold, you wont' make a big hit. (Save the receipt just in case.) But most times, you already know what mom favors and can easily choose personalized jewelry.

Image by surlygirl on FlickrHave the kids do some undercover sleuthing ahead of time. Have them look at her handbags and see which brands she likes. Yes, there really is a big difference in manufacturers when it comes to purses.

Have them write down her shoe size, measure a bracelet for size, and get as many details as they can about what she already has in her jewelry box. They'll think this is fun and will feel more included in the choice of the Mommy gifts.

No matter what you choose as a gift, let the kids wrap it in their own special way and be present when it's time to make the presentation on the big day. They'll be beaming from ear to ear.

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