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Tips - Regional Gift Baskets

Published December 21, 2007        by Nicole

Virginia Gift Baskets

A recent tourism slogan for this diverse state was "Virginia is for Lovers" and your recipient will certainly find plenty of reasons to love a Virginia gift basket. If you know someone from the Old Dominion, or just want someone to sample the wide variety of gourmet foods made there, you can make them a gift basket filled with unique treats for their enjoyment. From the mountains, you can use famous Route 11 potato chips and delicious apple butter made right at the orchards. From the Piedmont region, you can include Nancy's fudge, Williamsburg coffee, and of course, jumbo, super crunchy peanuts. Finish your .tour. off at the shore with some Chesapeake Bay inspired crab salsa.

Spicy Southwestern Gift Baskets

Some like it hot, and fans of spicy food will love a spicy southwestern gift basket. Start with a terra cotta container and dress it up with Aztec patterned napkins lining the bottom. Inside, include a nice variety of gourmet food like dried peppers, hot sauce, tortilla chips, salsa, spicy cheese dip, and chili mix. All that spicy food is sure to make them thirsty, so consider including margarita mix or a few bottles of Corona. Southwestern gift baskets make great birthday presents for someone who enjoys their food with some kick!

Taste of San Francisco Gift Basket

San Francisco is a unique city that remains a perennial favorite for tourists. If you know someone who loves the city, you can make them a unique San Francisco gift basket out of some of the region's famous foods. Use a rustic wine country basket as the container. The first item to include should be sourdough bread. Next, add some sweets from two famous bay area companies - jelly beans from Jelly Belly®, and chocolate from Ghirardelli. You can also add some Ghirardelli coffee to drink, and/or a bottle of wine from nearby Napa valley. To round out the basket, mix in some crackers, giant California pistachios, and Monterey jack cheese. Use a postcard from San Francisco to write your gift message.

North Carolina Gift Baskets

North Carolina goes from the wild blue waters of the Outer Banks to the gentle hills of the southern Appalachian Mountains. The food from the Tar Heel state is quite varied as well. If you live in the Carolinas, you can send your friends and relatives a little taste of all the great things this state has to offer. North Carolina gift baskets can feature tangy salt water taffy from the shore, and savory country ham and crunchy pecans from the farm. You can also throw in some classic breakfast treats like grits or buttermilk biscuit mix. Finish your North Carolina gift basket with a book or magazine about the state, and you might just get some visitors soon!

Napa Valley Wine Gift Basket

The Napa valley region of California is renowned for its fine wine and beautiful countryside. If you visit the area, you can pick up a few extra items and make a Napa Valley wine gift basket when you get home. Wine gift baskets make great thank you gifts for someone that watched your house while you were gone, or even took care of your kids or pets. Use a sturdy, rustic wicker gift basket for the container. The centerpiece of your gift will be the wine itself, so pick one or two bottles that you enjoyed while touring or varieties that your recipient enjoys. To complement the wine, include some cheese, crackers, pistachios, almonds, fruit and chocolate. Finish your basket with some artificial grape wreath wrapped around the handle.

New England Gift Baskets

New England is a special region with traditions and foods seen nowhere else. You can celebrate this unique area of the country by giving someone a New England gift basket. Choose your favorite foods from your time there, or use some of our suggestions to fill out your basket. Maine is famous for their blueberries, so blueberry jam or wild blueberry muffin mix would be a good selection. Don't forget unbelievably sweet Vermont maple syrup, tapped right from the tree. From the shore, add some clam chowder and oyster crackers. Don't forget dried cranberries or cranberry juice from the bogs of Massachusetts.