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Pizza Gift Baskets

Do you need a fun and unique way to introduce children to the joys of cooking? Why not start them off by having them make one of their favorite foods? Making pizza will get the kids involved in the process, and they'll get to eat the results too! To make a pizza gift basket, start with a fabric grocery bag. Inside the bag you can put dough mix, sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese, a pizza cutter, and some of their favorite toppings like pepperoni or sausage. You could also include small aprons for each of the kids to wear while working in your pizzeria. Pizza gift baskets are also a fun activity for kids visiting with grandparents or other relatives. Just remember to keep your bag in the refrigerator until it is time to get started!

Potato Chip Lovers Gift Basket

Potato chips have been the most popular snack food in the U.S. for a long time. Sliced thin and fried or baked, the humble spud has gotten a makeover of late with many new flavors and processing techniques. For a decidedly indulgent treat, you can make a potato chip snack gift basket. A gourmet grocery store is a good place to find some exotic flavors, like jalapeno cheddar, cr?me fraiche & chive, or salt & vinegar. You can mix in some baked or fat free varieties to make your gift a little healthier. Buy some snack sized potato chip bags, and arrange them in a wicker basket with the larger bags in the back. You can optionally add in some canned or dried chip dip to round out your gift. Potato chip gift baskets are great gifts for college kids or someone who loves this crunchy snack food.

Low Carb Snack Basket

If you know someone who is on the Atkins diet, you can still make them a food gift basket that they can eat. With the increase in popularity of low carbohydrate lifestyles, a much wider variety of products is readily available to meet these special needs. For your low carb snack basket, find a nice wicker container and fill it up with snacks they are allowed to have. Beef sausage and sharp cheddar cheese are always safe things to use, and you can also include sugar free jelly beans, water, peanuts and even pork rinds. Finish your basket off with some Atkins brand energy bars and you've created a low carb gift they will love!

Junk Food Gift Baskets

Sometimes we need to indulge our cravings for both sweet and salty snacks. You can make a junk food gift basket for a friend that might need some cheering up, or just a little fortification for a big ongoing task. A unique container for this gift would be an empty cardboard box from a popular candy, like Snickers. Check with your local grocer to get one of these boxes. Cut the flaps off the box top and stuff the bottom with colored shred. Then fill the box with lots of snacks like potato chips, cracker jacks, jelly beans, candy bars, peanuts, Skittles, pretzels, cookies, and cheese & cracker packages. Junk food gift baskets are a neat treat to let them know you are thinking about their situation and their tummies!
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