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Tips - Thank You Gift Baskets

Published December 21, 2007        by Nicole

Vacation Home Thank You Gift Basket

If you're fortunate enough to know someone who lets you use their vacation home, a big thank you is in order. You can make a thank you gift basket to show your appreciation for their tremendous generosity. Buy a nice cooler, and fill it with some of their favorite drinks and also some supplies for their vacation home that they can enjoy the next time they are there. You can include beer or soda, a nice bocce ball set, Frisbee, kit, water toys, or whatever is appropriate based on the location of their vacation home. If you know they will be using the home soon, you can leave it there with a big bow on top so they'll be sure to open your grand surprise right away!

Thank You Doctors or Nurses Gift Baskets

Being seriously ill can be a very scary time one may feel quite vulnerable. Some medical professionals were born with great bedside manners that help keeps us calm and offers us hope during a very traumatic time. If you feel particularly indebted to your doctor or nurse during a recent operation or illness, sending them a small thank you gift basket is a nice way to let them know how much their compassion meant to you. A fruit basket would make a nice, healthy way to say thanks, or a if you're more ambitious you could use an old style doctor's bag and fill it with gourmet snacks for them enjoy. Make sure you sign the card with your first and last name so they will know who the thank you gift basket is from.

Thank You Cookie Gift Baskets

Good food makes a memorable way to say thank you, and fresh-baked cookies are one option to do just that. You can make thank you cookie gift baskets to express gratitude to a neighbor, your mail carrier, or friend who helped you. If you are a good baker, make a fresh batch of their favorite variety. If you're not sure what their favorite variety of cookies is, go with a popular flavor like chocolate chip, peanut butter or oatmeal raisin. Individually seal each cookie in colored plastic wrap after they've cooled and then arrange them in an appropriate sized wicker basket. You want your cookies to almost overflow the basket for the best effect. Deliver your thank you cookie basket in person and they'll really appreciate your efforts!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket

Some teachers go above and beyond the call of duty and form a special bond with our children. If your child is lucky enough to have a teacher that has really made a difference in their life, a teacher appreciation gift basket is a nice way to say "thank you." Ask you child if he/she knows about their teacher's hobbies, or think back to any parent/teacher conferences for clues. If a particular theme does not come to mind, try this idea. Buy a teacher themed coffee mug, and fill it with gourmet coffee, a chocolate bar, some snacks, and a red pen (the teacher's favorite color for making all those corrections!). Add a small thank you balloon and hand write a note thanking them for helping your child in school. Have your child deliver your gift themselves after class.