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Published December 21, 2007        by Nicole

Spa Gift Baskets

Spas now offer all kinds of different treatments to help one relax and look beautiful. Facials, pedicures, waxing and massages are just a few of the ways to indulge the sense. You can make spa gift baskets yourself to give to your friends or wife for a special treat. Find a nice ceramic container and place a few spa products inside so she can get some pampering at home. Consider adding a gel eye mask, manicure set, a loofah and some bath salts to your gift. For a real surprise, arrange for a local masseuse to come to her house to give her a massage right in her home. Spa Finder is a great resource for finding a local establishment if you are not familiar with the area where she lives. Alternatively, a gift certificate for a message at a local spa in her area is certain to be a relaxing hit!

Scented Gift Baskets

Did you know that smell is the most important sense for triggering memories? The pleasing smells of flowers are often associated with fond memories, and the scented lotions and gels of bath gift baskets can trigger your brain to relax and help you escape to a calmer and more peaceful place. Lavender, gardenia and rose are popular fragrances that have pleasing aromas. The variety of bath products has expanded recently, so in addition to traditional products like lotion and shampoo, you can also buy body spray, bath beads, and scented soap.

Scrap Book Gift Baskets

Scrap booking has become a very popular hobby for women, with the advent of companies like Creative Memories. If you know someone who likes scrap booking, they are sure to appreciate the artistic style of a scrap book gift basket using some new supplies for their craft. A re-usable tote would make a great container, and inside you could put specialty scissors like a scallop-cut design, photo mounting squares, paper, and archive safe paper and pens. If you have a memorable photo of the two of you together, you could use the new supplies to create a fancy matte and include the framed photo in your gift basket.

Pamper Gift Baskets

Bath gift baskets make great gifts for any woman who needs to unwind and relax. You can make one yourself for your spouse, girlfriend, mother, or other important woman in your life. Visit a local bath store to find lotion, gel, bubble bath, and body spray that she might like. Try to pick out a group of products that all feature the same or coordinating scents. Some popular scents include coconut and green apple, as well as more traditional scents like sweet pea and vanilla. Finish your gift with matching bow and personalized card.

Lingerie Gift Baskets

Lingerie gift baskets can be a perfect idea for a bachelorette party or a wedding shower amongst close friends. She'll love trying on all the different pieces and look forward to wearing them on her honeymoon. Use a floral patterned lidded box, and arrange the pieces inside. You can include camisoles, teddys, garters and some more adventurous pieces, too. Wrap each piece in colored tissue paper and consider personalizing the box with her name on the outside. For a unique twist, keep the box shut with a small padlock.

Gardening Gift Baskets

If you can hand deliver your gift, try this for a truly unique and memorable gardening gift basket. Start with a ceramic flower pot, or buy a new terra cotta pot and paint it yourself. Fill your flower pot with potting soil and "plant" her gifts right in the dirt on top. Pack the soil tight so your gifts will stand up, and insert seed packets, some small tools, and a few snacks. Finish off your flower pot with some garden decorations, like a little "Welcome to My Garden" sign. She can re-use the pot to plant the seeds, and leave the garden decoration right in the pot as a reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Gift Basket for Women

Creating gift baskets for women is easy. The most popular themes are bath/spa, gardening and gourmet food gifts, but you can use whatever theme works best for her likes and dislikes. Other themes could be created around her favorite animals (dogs, cats, horses, etc.), or her hobbies (knitting, tennis, family tree research, scrapbooking etc.). You can mix in themed items with food she enjoys, and make sure you wrap it nicely and put a big bow on top. You'll get extra credit if you make it yourself, so think about what she loves and get creative!

Gardening Gift Baskets

Gardening gift baskets make a unique gift for anyone who enjoys spending time growing plants. A popular way to hold the items in your basket is with a canvas gardening tote. These totes typically have several different sized pockets and are perfect for holding various tools needed while working in the yard. If you can't find a tote or don't want to use one, you could also use a wooden planter box or a wicker basket. Fill your basket with garden-themed items like nice gardening gloves, garden decorations, plant reference books, and a nail brush to clean up. Top your gift basket with a floral ribbon bow and your gardening gift basket is ready for giving and growing!

Book Gift Baskets

If she loves to read, why not encourage her to take a break with a book gift basket? You can fill your basket up with anything and everything that fit her interests. You can use a helpful reference book on plants for the gardener, or an autobiography of one of her heroes, or a spy thriller by her favorite author. You can also try your local bookstore or to get great recommendations on other books in her favorite genre. And don't be afraid to throw in a romance book for a guilty pleasure! Book gift baskets can be completed with a few snacks and some coffee or tea to keep them awake finishing those last few chapters.

Crafting Gift Baskets

Here's a neat idea for creating a unique present for those that enjoy crafts: crafting gift baskets. Start with a clear plastic tub with a top, so she can store her crafts and easily see what inside. Fill the tub with supplies from her favorite crafts store, or buy her something new to try. Some ideas for items include paints, stamps, construction paper, custom cut scissors and a hot glue gun. Or, include a crafting book and supplies for making one of the projects in the book. Close the tub and tie it off with raffia ribbon for a truly crafty gift basket presentation.

Bath Gift Baskets

Few things are quite as relaxing as trip to the spa. Treat the special woman in your life to a special spa delight by making her a bath gift basket. Start with a wire or plastic caddy that can handle getting wet, and line the bottom with a soft washcloth or towel. Then fill it up with bath and spa products in her favorite scents, or try an exotic new scent from your favorite bath store! You can find all sorts of fragrances at your local bath store, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your container and budget. And don't forget to add a few treats for her to eat while relaxing. Chocolate is always popular, but you could also use bottled water and some fresh fruit for a healthier alternative. Either way your bath gift basket is certain to be an over-indulgent delight!

Yoga or Pilates Gift Basket

Exercise is a perfect way to relax and stay fit, and yoga and Pilates are two activities that many women enjoy. A great way to introduce a friend or older relative to these sports is by giving them an exercise gift basket. Start with a nice gym bag, and inside place a yoga mat, reusable water bottle, exercise bands, and some yoga and Pilates DVDs. If you know their size, you can include some yoga pants or an exercise outfit too. Bring your gift to their house, and offer to exercise with them the first couple of times so they become comfortable with the techniques and you can also offer some words of encouragement. What better way to get in shape than with someone you care about!