Top 10 Baby Shower Theme Ideas

top 10 baby shower theme ideas

top 10 baby shower theme ideas

The baby shower theme sets the tone for the entire event so choosing one is an essential step in planning a successful and fun shower. The theme can be carried through in the baby shower favors, tableware such as plates and napkins, decor and centerpieces. Even if you don't want to have a 'theme' for the shower, I'd still recommend at least having a color scheme like pink or blue in mind.

Choosing the theme is made much easier if you know how Mom & Dad will be decorating the baby-to-be's nursery so you can choose a baby shower theme to coordinate. Here are some of the most popular baby shower themes along with some clever ideas to make your event a great success.

#1) It's A Boy or Girl Theme

Baby Boy Shower Supplies

Themed around the baby's gender, this shower theme generally plays off a blue or pink color scheme. Of course, it is essential that the Mom-to-be know what the baby's gender is in order to throw a shower with this theme.

Focus on baby boy or girl themed products for the balloons, tableware and guests favors. One of my favorite baby shower games for this type of shower is the blue, pink or yellow dirty diaper game.

#2) Yellow Ducky Theme

Yellow duck baby shower theme

Having a yellow duck baby shower provides endless possibilities for fun ways to incorporate ducks at your event. Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets offers duck themed invitations and matching thank you notes. To decorate for the party, buy some cute little yellow duckies to float in the punch bowl as well as some little yellow ducky themed tableware (napkins, plates, etc).

And don't forget to give your guests a little ducky to take home with them - themed guest favors range from duck shaped soaps to photo frames and bookmarks topped with little yellow duckies. If the guests at the shower are young and spry, you could play a clever game of duck, duck, gray duck like we all used to when we were kids.

#3) Pitter Patter Baby Feet Theme

Pitter Patter Baby Feet Theme

Soon Mom & Dad will be hearing the pitter patter of little feet all around their home. This fun shower theme features pairs of little blue, pink or neutral colored feet on all of the shower accessories.

From a foot shaped lollipop or decorated cookies centerpiece to foot shaped shower favor frames to invitations covered in little baby feet, a pitter patter baby shower theme is easy to pull together. Don't forget to give Mom a plaster keepsake footprint kit so she can make a cherished imprint of her own baby's foot.

#4) Frog Themed Baby Shower

Frog Themed Baby Shower

A fantastic choice when a baby boy is on the way! A frog baby shower can be pulled together using a bright green and white color scheme throughout the party.

For food think green like a lime green jello mold, green colored jelly beans or M & M's for party snacks, a green frog shaped cake or grasshopper pie for dessert. Many online companies carry frog themed supplies such as plates, napkins, balloons, etc.

One festive idea is to create or buy a frog themed diaper cake to use as the centerpiece as well as the gift to the Mom-to-be from the shower hosts. Be creative!

#5) Sweet Pea or Two Peas in A Pod

Two Peas in A Pod

The two peas in a pod baby shower theme is an excellent choice if the Mom-to-be is expecting twins. The double blessing deserves special recognition at the event and what better way to tie it all together than with this fun and festive pea theme. As with the frog themed shower idea, a green color scheme should dominate the shower accessories.

For food, think green with things like green M&M's and jelly beans for guest's snacks. Buy pea pod baby shower invitations, tableware, and thank you notes. For the party favors, try two peas in a pod candles, peapod shaped salt and pepper shakers or bath bombs that many online companies sell. If you are creative, make a peapod shaped cake with either 1, 2 or 3 frosted green cupcakes to form the peas within the pod.

The fun and festive peapod diaper cakes shown in the photo are available from Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets. They also carry a huge range of other peapod accessories for a sweet pea baby shower, two peas or three peas in a pod baby showers.

#6) Noah's Ark or Jungle Animal Theme

Jungle Animal Theme

A popular nursery theme, a Noah's Ark baby shower can incorporate all kinds of jungle animals in the accessories and decor. This theme is also popular for twins because the animals were led two by two to the ark. If you are throwing a shower for a set of twins, be sure to do everything in pairs at the shower.

If you have a bowl of animal crackers for snacks, have two bowls of animal crackers, etc. See the special themed cake section below to get some great ideas for animal themed edible cakes. Use pairs of stuffed animals to decorate for the shower and then give them to Mom as a gift OR buy a Noah's Ark themed diaper cake to use a centerpiece and gift.

For guest favors, hand out something easy like boxes of animal crackers or buy personalized candy bars or mint tins that are customized with the Mom-to-be's name and the shower date. Many online stores offer jungle animal and Noah's Ark themed supplies so have fun shopping around!

#7) Sports Themed Baby Shower

Sports Themed Baby Shower

When a little slugger or future quarterback is on the way, an All Star Baby Shower is in order. If Dad is a sports fanatic and a bouncing baby boy is on the way, throwing a sports baby shower is a no brainer. Create fun invitations yourself that say "All Star Baby Shower" or buy some online.

Decorate with the colors of Dad's favorite sports team along with pennants and other generic sports equipment. Local or online party supply stores will have tons of sports theme tableware available.

Create a memorable centerpiece by baking and decorating a cake in the shape of a sports ball.

#8) Little Princess or Prince Theme

little princess baby shower theme

Give the Mom-to-be the royal treatment at a Little Princess themed baby shower. Decorated in a pink color scheme with tiaras and magic wands throughout the event, Mom will feel like a Queen for the day. Be sure to get her a crown or bridal tiara (and the guests too if you can find cheap ones at a party store) and decorate her chair to look like a throne to tie in with the theme of the party.

Think girly and pink when it comes to the food and decorations for the event. Strawberries and cream appetizers as well as raspberry lemonade in champagne glasses are great food choices. Draped pink fabric and tulle will help dress up the event. For the cake, try a castle shaped creation. Finally, don't forget to give guests a little something to take home and remember the special day - fairytale favors like castle candles or carriage shaped gift boxes filled with candy are an excellent choice.

#9) Moon & Star Theme

Moon & Star Theme

Tie this fun theme into the shower invitations and gifts for the Mom to be by asking guests to bring lullaby, moon and star, or bedtime themed gifts.

Many companies sell moon and stars baby shower items such as tableware, shower favors, centerpiece diaper cakes and more. A moon shaped cake or star shaped sugar cookies would be great dessert selections for the event.

The color scheme for this theme is usually blue and yellow.

#10) Under The Sea Theme Shower

Under The Sea Theme Shower

One of my favorite baby shower themes is an Under The Sea shower because it is so unique. Bright colors provide the backdrop for this shower theme. A cute idea is to make blue colored punch or serve blue juice for the drinks. For food, how about goldfish crackers, gummy fish, crab dip, etc.?

Decorate with blue tablecloths, shells, starfish and other festive sea themed items. Be sure to see some of the cake ideas below for inspiration. Party supply stores carry tons of Under The Sea baby shower supplies so have a swimmingly good time.

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