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Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

Published July 08, 2015        by Matt

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

Top Ten Old Easy To Grow Roses

Looking for roses that require no muss, no fuss, and no pesticides? Look no further. This list of old roses reveals the cream of the crop .... roses that you can grow without hassles and get fragrant, beautiful blooms. If you've tried growing roses in the past and been beaten down by the amount of work required or the lack of blooms, don't be discouraged.

Newer hybrids require much more work than these old-fashioned roses that you can literally plant and then stand back giving them room to grow and flower. Growing roses can be so rewarding and I hope that you find these ten roses as easy-to-grow as I have!

A rose-covered arbor would be the perfect backdrop for a garden themed wedding! But even if you're just looking to grow them for a hobby, I've got the tips you need to have success this year!

In Search of Heirloom Roses?

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#1 - John Cabot

Color - Deep Pink

Height - 8 to 10 feet (can be used as a shrub or climbing rose)

Hardiness - Zones 3 to 9

This cold hardy rose will reward gardeners from Michigan to Georgia with deep pink ruffle-edge flowers. The flowers themselves have upwards of 40 petals and measure 2" across at maturity. The plant foliage itself is glossy green and in most climates and gardens, it is resistant to powdery mildew and black spot. It has a large flush of blooms in early summer and then it blooms sporadically throughout the rest of the summer.

Photo courtesy of Rose Gardening Made Easy.

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#2 Blush Hip

Color - Light Pink

Hardiness - Zones 4 - 9

Height: 5 to 6 feet

Fragrance: Very Fragrant

This early blooming antique alba rose was introduced in 1840. It is rare and therefore difficult to find. However if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, you will be rewarded with a flush of blooms in spring that measure about 3 to 4" across and have about 60 petals per flower.

Photo Source: Blush Hip Rose from Heirloom Roses.

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#3 - Climbing American Beauty

Color - Vivid Pink

Hardiness - Zones 5 - 9

Height - 12 to 15 feet

The double cup-shaped blooms of the American beauty rose are very fragrant and appear from late spring through early summer (reblooming). Reaching a height of 15 feet at maturity, this climbing rose gets covered from head to toe in a dazzling display of pink rose blooms. Simply stunning!

Photo courtesy of PH Rose Gardens.

#4 - Henri Martin (Red Moss)

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

Color - Crimson

Hardiness - Zones 4 - 9

Fragrance - Very Fragrant

Height: 6' x 4'

Rated by the American Rose Society as the second best of all old (heirloom) roses, this vigorous shrub features mid-green foliage and crimson red blooms with 40 or more petals. The 3.5" flowers cover the shrub during its only bloom. Roses are very fragrant making them an excellent choice for house arrangements where the fragrance permeates the entire home. Introduced in France in 1863. If you love the color scheme of this rose and you are getting married soon, be sure to check out this Midnight Rose Wedding Collection which combines a lovely white satin with red accents on all the accessories. Stunning!

Photo from Heirloom Roses.

Where To Buy Easy To Grow Roses

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#5 - Celsiana

Color - Soft Pink

Hardiness - Zones 7 to 10

Fragrance - Very Fragrant

Height: 3-6' X 4-5'

A great selection for Southern gardeners (not hardy in the North), this beautiful bush boasts gray-green foliage along with its semi-double, large pink rose blooms. The golden center of stamen clusters adds a beautiful accent to the blooms which normally have at least 16 petals and measure 2.5 to 3" in diameter. The fragrance is magnificent. Introduced in France in 1750.

Photo courtesy of Heirloom Roses.

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#6 - Alba Maxima

Color - White

Hardiness - Zones 3 to 9

Fragrance - Very Fragrant

Height: 10-15 feet

This gorgeous rose can be grown as a shrub with heavy pruning or as a climber up against a tall fence or support structure. The foliage has a grey-blue color that plays well against the white blooms. The double blooms measure about 3" across. This disease resistant rose is one of the earlier ones on record with introduction prior to 1700.

Photo from Rogue Valley Roses.

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 Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#7 - Robert le Diable

Color - Purplish Red

Hardiness - Zones 4 to 9

Height - up to 3 feet

The purple cup shaped semi-double flowers of this shrub rose perfume the garden with its fragrance. Best planted with several others for dramatic effect, the shrubs grow to about 3 feet tall and feature dark green foliage. Flowers in summer. Variety was introduced in 1831.

Photo from Peter Beales.

#8 - Yolande d'Aragon

Yolande d'Aragon Roses

Color - Bright Pink

Hardiness - Zones 4 to 9

Very Fragrant

Height: 5 feet x 4 feet

One of my favorite easy-to-grow roses, the Yolande d' Aragon rewards you with large bright pink double blooms and best of all it reblooms all summer. Blooms measure about 4" across and often have more than 80 petals per flower. Introduced in France in 1843.

Photo courtesy of Rogue Valley Roses

Want To Find Out Your Plant Hardiness Zone?

Click through on this map link so that you can zoom in on your region of the country and get a clear picture of what your hardiness zone. Be sure to pick plants in your zone range if you want them to live a long, happy life!

#9 - Duchess de MontebellaDuchesse de Montebello

Color - Soft Pink

Hardiness - Zones 4 to 8 (up to 10 depending on conditions)

Exceptionally Fragrant

Height - up to 4 feet

Blooming once in the summer, this lovely rose has a nice upright habit that gets nearly as wide as it does tall. Double soft pink flowers are set against a back drop of light green foliage. Introduced in 1829 in France.

Photo from Rogue Valley Roses.

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

#10 - Clementina Carbonieri

Class- Tea

Bloom Color- Orange blend

Hardiness - Zones 7 to 9

Height- 4 to 5 ft. tall

A gem for Southern gardeners, the Clementina Carbonieri boasts blooms with a blend of pink, orange and salmon colors. The modest sized shrub prefers partial sun with at least of few hours of shade when the sun is highest in the sky. Blooms measure about 3" in diameter. Introduced in 1913 by Gaetano, Bonfiglioli and Figlio.

Photo from Countryside Roses

Top 10 Easy To Grow Roses

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