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Top 10 Family Christmas Holiday Traditions

Published June 23, 2007        by Nicole

Make the Christmas holiday extra special for your family by creating unique and fun annual traditions. As your children mature, they will have cherished memories from their childhood that someday they can pass on and share with their own family and children. If you don’t have an annual tradition in your family, there is no time like the present holiday season to get started. Try one of these festive and fun ideas –

1) Attend Candlelight Christmas Eve Service – Many churches now offer several candlelight services including midnight mass for celebrating the birth of Jesus.

2) Go Christmas Caroling – Whether you gather your family, a group of friends or a group of folks from church, going caroling door to door will get you in the holiday spirit and spread Christmas cheer to one and all.

3) Open Gifts Christmas Eve – Let’s face it, we all like opening Christmas presents so why not spread the fun over two days. One idea is to let the children open a single gift on Christmas Eve. Another idea is to let the kids (and adults too) open gifts that they receive in the mail from out-of-town family and friends.

4) Have Christmas Movie Night – Choose a holiday film classic like ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ or ‘Christmas Vacation’, make some popcorn and hot chocolate, and then sit down as a family to enjoy the movie.

5) Give a Christmas Tree Ornament – If you have children, nieces or nephews, or grandchildren, this is a great gift-giving idea. Each year give the child a Christmas ornament that you choose just for them, starting with a baby's first Christmas ornament. When they are old enough, they’ll love hanging their collection on the tree. And when they move out on their own and have their own family, they’ll have treasured ornaments to decorate their family’s tree.

6) Volunteer at a Charitable Holiday Event – What a great way to teach your children about giving back to the community! Spread some holiday cheer and get in the spirit by volunteering with your entire family to help with a worthy cause such as serving Christmas Even dinner at a homeless shelter.

7) Go on a Christmas Light Tour – So many people spend time making dazzling light displays in their yards during the holiday season. So get out and join in the festivities by driving around town or your neighborhood to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights.

8] Feed Santa & His Reindeer – This is a fun idea to get your little kids involved in the Christmas Eve festivities. They’ll be so excited. Before the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve, help them put out a plate of cookies and glass of milk for Santa. Remind them not to forget about the reindeer and have them put reindeer food (nuts, cereal, pretzels, etc) on the lawn or snow.

9) Have Birthday Party For Jesus – What a great way for the children to remember what Christmas is all about! Have the kids help you bake a cake that is decorated and says ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’. You can even sing a birthday song.

10) Visit Santa Claus – Mom, Dad and the kids should all go to see good ‘ole St. Nick to get their family photo taken with Santa Claus. Do it a few weeks before Christmas and you can use the photo for the Christmas cards that you send to family and friends.

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