Top 10 Ideas for Baby Gifts From Grandparents

baby gift for grandchildren
So you've just become a new grandparent, or you are the grandparent to a new grandchild and you want to celebrate the occasion by giving them a gift.  There are all kinds of run of the mill things you can get them for a new baby gift.
If you want to get a new baby gift that is really going to stand out and be memorable, you might need to put a bit more thought into it. Gifts for grandkids can be tricky. You have to balance what they want with what their parents would like them to have.
When you are looking at getting the best baby gifts from grandparents, there are some options that will be a massive hit. There are also some baby gifts from grandparents that are going to fall flat. Tread carefully and take some advice from us at AA Gifts & Baskets.  Here are the most popular gift ideas:

Baby Gift Wagon

Personalized It's A Boy Baby Gift Wagon

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If your new grandkids are as loved as they are going to be, they will need something to haul around the baby grandchild gift they get from you and then all the gifts that come after. Parents are going to love this gift as well, since it will make it that much easier to keep track of what you have given them so they don't lost anything. It's a nice storage option as well.

Diaper Cake

gifts for new grand baby
This falls under the category of gifts for grandkids that people tend to forget about these days. The item is exactly what it sounds like. The diapers are put together in a way that makes it look like a cake. There obviously isn't frosting but it will have an interesting look to it and your gift will stand out. This is another one your kids will love because they will be able to save some serious coin, at least for a little bit as they won't need to go out and get any diapers.

Monogrammed clothing

personalized baby gift for grandchild
This is another present that your kids will like a bit more than your grandkids, because it will allow them to save a bit of money and will know that you are quite happy to have the new grandkids. If you want to really put a spin on this, you can give each grandkid a different style of monogram, should you be in a family that has more kids than one. Twins are going to be great too, as you can point to the monograms as an easy way to tell the youngsters apart in the early months and years.

Rocking Chair

New Baby Rocking Horse

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You have a couple of different options if you want to go this route. You can get a rocking chair that your kids will be able to sit in, in order to rock your grandchild. That's always a nice addition to any nursery and small child's room. You can also go another way and get a rocking chair that is especially designed for your grandkids to use on their own. They can sit in it and rock when they are playing with their favorite toy or looking at a book. You can also have it personalized so they know it's theirs. This will be a big hit during quiet times at home.

Piggy Bank

piggy bank gifts for grandkids
The piggy bank is something that has fallen out of style for most kids in the 21st century. Bring it back by getting one for your grandkids. There are all kinds of different styles you can look for. You can get ones that are massive, or ones that are regular sized. The important thing here is to make sure that you are getting one that screams that it's all theres. You can even bond a bit by showing them how to use it and what it's for. When they're old enough, they'll love having their own money, especially if they don't have to break it in order to get that money out. (PS This is a cheap option!)

Personalized hat

gifts for grandchildren
When you are looking to give the perfect new baby gift, you should think about giving them a personalized hat. This doesn't mean you need to give them a hat with their name on it. This means you can get a hat that says something like "Grandpa's lil stinker" or "Grandma's One and Only." There is literally no limit to what you can put on that hat. The best part of all, is that your new grandkids are far too young to really have an opinion, or voice that opinion against the hat. This is one of the only time you're going to find the ability to get them to wear this kind of hat.

Bath time toys gift basket

Bath Time Baby Gift Basket

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Bath time is one of those times that can either go really easily or be a pain in the butt. One of the ways you can make sure your new grandkids' bath time goes off pretty well is by making sure there is fun to be had. The bath toys gift basket is one of our favorite baby gifts from grandparents that will make everyone happy because there are all kinds of toys in order to make the bath time fun day after day after day. If your kids play it right, they can even make sure that some of those toys don't come out ot play until there is a very bad bathtime going on. By doing this, they will be able to make the gifts seem new longer and eventually your new grandkids will be looking forward to having something like bathtime at the end or beginning of the day.  Just make sure you practiced your favorite bath time songs!

Some sort of keepsake

keepsake gift for grand baby
The history of their life is something that your new grandkid is going to love as they get older. If you give them a kind of keepsake, like a charm with their name and birthday on it, it's something they can keep wtih them when they get older. They can also learn more about themselves and their family when they hit a certain age. If you give them that charm in the shape of something that means something for the family, the keepsake will be even more important. This might be something that your grandkids can eventually give to their grandkids down the way. Family history should be important to every family and this can be the start.


grandkid gifts
Educational toys are always a kind of hit or miss thing. There is the chance that the kids will love them. There is also a pretty good chance they will never even look at them. Their parents are certainly going to love the idea of their kids getting something that is educational. The thing to do is find something that is educational and that is also fun. Puzzles certainly work when talking about this kind of thing. Obviously with very young new grandkikds you aren't going to be talking about very complicated puzzles but that doesn't mean that you can't find one they will have quite a bit of fun with.

Education gift basket

Welcome Home Baby Gift Basket

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Much like the bath time toys gift basket, the educational toys gift basket serves a couple of different purposes. The first is that there will be several things that will be able to keep the toy nice and fresh. Then there is the chance that your grandkid will be able to pick and choose what they want to play with when they want to play with them. The kicker of course, is that they will be learning a little something or other while they are playing with these toys.
What did you think of these?  Are there any you're looking for that you'd like us to find for you? We'd be happy to help.
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