Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

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Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

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Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

If you have a gardener on your list or if you have just discovered your passion for gardening, there are several tools you'll want to make sure are in the tool shed. All are necessary and can be purchased at hardware stores or garden nurseries. Without the right tools, it's difficult to get the results you want from your garden.

If you're choosing for yourself, buy the best. If you're purchasing a gardener gift for a friend, go with what you can afford comfortably.

You can always buy a few smaller tools and then go back and gift your friend with a more expensive one later for the next holiday.

Here are ten of the most needed tools for the avid gardener.

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Garden Weeder

Your BFF in Weeding

This little beauty saves the back a lot of strain when working on your garden. It's used while standing up and eliminates the need to bend to pull a weed. I don't know about you, but working hunched over in my garden quickly makes my back sore.

It's a grabber on the end of a stick. Which is ingenious. There are, of course, a number of different brand names you can pick from, but just look at the design to choose the right one.

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Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

Pot Lifter

Does the Heavy Lifting

When using this pot lifter tool, as you can imagine from the name, makes lifting heavy potted plants a breeze. Which is always a tricky task!

It's used by two people, one on each side. A handle goes under the heavy pot and it can be moved to its new destination with ease.

Whether you're moving pots, LARGE produce, logs or garden supplies, this tool comes in handy!

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Pick a Pocket Organizer - Wrap a Bucket


For Your Knees!

Every gardener could use some sort of a combo kneeler and seat, depending on the type of gardening they do. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors/patterns - you could find a pink kneeler to put into their pink tool kit and make it all matching! But don't worry they all pretty much serve the same purpose! They save a lot of knee strain and they are also a good way to stay dry when working with moist soil.

Circle Hoe

Less Common But Helpful

A circle hoe allows gardeners to weed around plants and also to cultivate the soil in a unique way. Not sure how to use one, or what they look like? Check out the video below for some great information and tutorials, it'll come in handy for sure!

See a Circle Hoe in Action

Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

Garden Seeder

Why Do Yourself What This Can Do For You?

These little devices are necessary for getting tiny seeds into the right spot in the soil. You'll be surprised at completely handy these are!

The seed is placed on the seeder and then it shoots off into the earth at exactly the right location.

Maybe you don't want to get your hands dirty, or perhaps your short on time.

When there's a lot of seeds to be planted, this tool will certainly be your best friend.

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Pot Creator

The Green Gardener's Dream

Growing a garden can be an organic, cost-effective and eco-friendly way to get your produce. But there are sometimes more start-up costs than necessary. This is a hand tool that is used to create pots out of newspaper. It's a great way to recycle, and the pots disintegrate in the garden once they're planted. It's perfect for starting seedlings indoors without cumbersome plastic trays.

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Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

In the case that your friend (or yourself) doesn't own a wheelbarrow, it's time to make the investment.

Today's wheelbarrows are back savers. They'll allow your gardening friend to fill up and make dumps of weeds and unwanted debris with ease.

Not only that, but they come in all kinds of modifications, colors and sizes. So no matter what you are looking for, there is a wheelbarrow waiting for you!

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Sharp Scissors

Don't Cut Corners

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of scissors. Every gardener needs one pair that's kept solely for gardening. No one wants to ruin their 'good scissors' or waste time running back and forth finding a pair of scissors inside the house. This extra pair of scissors will be much appreciated in the long run!

If you know a guy or gal that always tends to use a knife instead of scissors, then consider giving them an engraved pocket knife. They'll love it and it'll always come in handy.

Start with your absolute necessities and grow your collection as you can afford it. Invest in quality tools that will last you the years.

Tool Sharpeners

Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

Dull Tools Make for Dull Days

Without sharp tools, the gardener's work is twice as hard.

Give your friend a tool sharpener that will work on all her gardening tools and she'll be delighted.

Find tool sharpeners to help her keep her hobby sharp and efficient.

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Strong Hose

The Hose Goes

Every cheap hose eventually springs a leak. Gift your gardener with a hose that's designed to last for years.

Make sure it has a water-saving nozzle and don't be afraid to invest in a good host reel so that the lawnmower never again runs over the hose. You will be very thankful later.

Gardening Gift Baskets

When Buying Garden Tools

What to Buy and Why

Gifting gardeners with tools is easy. There are so many great tools out there. But the basics are all you need if you're just getting started in your new hobby.

Add to your tool shed as money permits. You can do a lot with a few tools that are multi-taskers. Invest in the best you can afford and you won't be running back to the store all the time to replace a shoddy tool.

Don't have enough cash to put into tools? How about offering up garden favors? Volunteer to help them weed, plant, water, or pick produce. All of these are wonderful options and they will love the company.

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