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Top 10 Parenting/Baby Bloggers

Published November 19, 2013        by Sarah

top 10 parenting and mom blogsWhen you’re looking for tips and advice on how to deal with your baby, then you probably do exactly what most people today do – turn to the internet for help. It seems that everyone has a piece of advice, though. How do you tell the good from the bad?

Here are ten parenting and baby bloggers you should certainly add to your feeds.

  1. Janine’s Confessions of  a Mommyaholic – Stay-at-home parenting isn’t always quite as glorious as you might imagine, and this parenting blog offers advice, tips, product reviews, and even recipes that will help show families in every situation how to make it work.
  2. One Good Thing by Jillee – Looking for healthy finger food ideas for your toddler? Want some scrapbooking tips to help capture those memories in a new way? Just need a dose of understanding from someone who has been there? This is the blog for you. Creative, innovative, and perfect for parents everywhere, it’s one you have to add to your RSS reader.
  3. Postpartum Progress – Many new moms suffer from postpartum depression, and this site is the perfect place to learn how to get through it and raise little ones at the same time. Here you’ll not only find uplifting stories from those who have been there before, but also book reviews and scientific articles too.
  4. Parenting Geekly – Geeky parents have it a bit tougher than others. It’s hard to find video game reviews, lists of comic books, and advice aimed at this subset, but that’s exactly what this blog sets out to do. Self-proclaimed geek Sharon Feliciano of Seattle has built an amazing site here where geek parents can get advice and reviews with a geek-tastic twist.
  5. Simply Being Mommy – Being a stay-at-home mom can be tough, and this is a wonderful blog to guide you through the challenges. Whether you’re looking for a review of a new cleaning product, you want a great recipe for dinner, or you just need to check in with another mom who is handling it well, this is certainly the blog for you.
  6. StudioMothers – Many parents are looking for great craft tips, and this is the place to turn. It’s a great way to get a bit of advice and meet all of your creative goals in one perfect package. Learn how to help your child map out ideas through doodles or get the tips necessary to paint with your child.
  7. Not a Bad Dad – More dads than ever are choosing to stay at home, and this is the textual soundtrack to go with it. While this is fairly dad-centric, moms will find his advice, product reviews, and tips refreshing. It’s the perfect place to turn whether you need to know what to buy or how to use the time out chair effectively.
  8. The Pioneer Woman – Ree Drumond sits at the top of almost every blog list in the country. Her no-nonsense advice on parenting, cooking, and saving money is perfect for parents in rural areas or those in more urban environments. Get a good dose of laughter along with your parenting tips when you read this choice.
  9. I Can Teach My Child – You’re going to spend hours teaching your child all sorts of important concepts, and this is the blog that is most likely to help you do it with style. Written by a mom who is also a teacher, here you’ll find the information you need to make certain your child is on track with his or her skills and the advice necessary to help make learning fun.
  10. Seattle Mama Doc – If you’re looking for advice from a mom, but you’d like a sprinkling of intelligence, don’t go any further than this blog. Written by a mom who is also a pediatrician, this is packed with informed, well-research tips that you need to help you raise your kids now.

These blogs cover topics from what to expect in pregnancy, how to handle misbehaving and maybe even whether or not you  need to purchase organic baby clothes. No subject is too big or too small! Check out these blogs, and have some help in your everyday life.

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