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Top 10 Reblooming Roses

Published July 15, 2015        by Matt

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Top 10 Reblooming Roses

My Favorite Reblooming Roses

When it comes to roses, I'm all about no fuss, no muss. I'm a lazy gardener that likes all the blooms and fragrance without all the work. So what could be better than easy-to-grow rose bushes that bloom again and again?

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#1 - Heritage

Color - Medium Pink Rose (fading to nearly white around the edges)

Hardiness - Zones 4 - 9

Size - 4 feet by 4 feet

Very Fragrant

Good Repeat Bloomer

This English Rose bred by David Austin was a staple in my Virginia garden and one of the most popular David Austin varieties. The double pink cup-shaped blooms are medium sized, fragrant, and very showy. The bush itself has nice foliage and a great rounded growth habit.

Photo courtesy of David Austin Roses.

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#2 - Sally Holmes

Color - Mostly white with pink highlights

Bloom Time Range - Late Spring to Early Fall

Hardiness - Zones 5 to 9

Height - 6 to 10 feet

Sally Holmes is a modern shrub rose featuring deep green glossy foliage and large white flowers that usually have 5 petals. The blooms are slightly fragrant. The roses size make it a good choice to plant up against tall fences and train it as a climber.

Photo from Mooseys Country Garden.

Need Help Growing Roses?

 Top 10 Reblooming Roses

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#3 - Dainty Bess

Color - Mahogany stamens with soft pink petals

Hardiness - Zones 6 to 10

Size - 4' tall x 2' wide

Bloom Time - Repeatedly from Late Spring through Mid Summer

Growing like a typical hybrid tea, this rose features upright growth and sparse foliage. The flowers are the center of attention on this plant. Each bloom has mahogany tinted stamens at the center which are surrounded by beautiful soft pink rose petals. Blooms have a slight sweet fragrance.

Photo credit: Fuzzyjay on Flickr

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#4 - Blanc Double Du Coubert

Color - White blooms with golden yellow stamens

Height - 5 to 7 feet

Hardiness - Zones 3 to 7

Bloom Time - Repeats starting Mid-Spring

Featuring fragrant double-white flowers with golden stamens at the center, this rugosa hybrid is attractive all summer long because it has lovely dark green foliage and red rose hips. It is very disease resistant when planted appropriately in full sun. It is also easy to find and can be purchased at Nature Hills Nursery.

Photo from Grow Quest.

My Favorite Places To Buy Roses Online

  • David Austin Roses
    With over 50 years of breeding, the David Austin roses are my favorites for the garden. Easy to grow, fragrant, and many are rebloomers.
  • Nature Hills Nursery Inc.
    Find several of the reblooming varieties listed in this lens. Quick shipping and convenient online ordering.
  • Heirloom Roses
    The largest selection of old-fashioned heirloom roses online. They carry many of the selections listed in this lens.
  • Antique Rose Emporium
    They carry many heirloom roses (including New Dawn). Good descriptions of the roses and easy online ordering.
  • Flower Cookies
    If you've got gardener friends, I love these flower cookies to send for birthdays, holidays or just because.

 Top 10 Reblooming Roses

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#5 - Cornelia

Color - Pink, Yellow, Orange Blend

Hardiness - Zones 6 to 9

Height - 6 to 8 feet

Bloom Time - Mid Spring to Mid Fall

Featuring large clusters of double, pink colored flowers with yellow to copper colored centers, Cornelia is an excellent reblooming shrub rose. It also features dark green foliage that is resistant to black spot and powdery mildew. Blooms are fragrant and long-lasting.

Photo credit: Classic Roses.

#6 - New Dawn

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

Color - Light Pink Flowers

Hardiness - Zones 5 to 9

Bloom Time - Mid Spring repeating in Summer

One of the best climbing roses ever in my opinion. The New Dawn rose is an excellent climber/rambler making it my top choice for arbors and very large, strong fences. In mid Spring, it will be covered with double pink flowers that fade to a lighter pink over a few weeks. The flowers are quite fragrant. Dark green foliage is very resistant to powdery mildew, rust and black spot. New Dawn is simply stunning and so easy to care for. Perfect for pink weddings too!

Photo credit Mooseys Country Garden.

Some of My Favorite Rose Garden Tools

 Top 10 Reblooming Roses

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#7 - Iceberg

Color - White

Bloom Time - Late Spring through Mid Fall

Hardiness - Zones 4 to 9a

Height - 3 feet

This easy-to-grow rose is legendary for its reblooming characteristics. It manages to cover itself in white blooms for the entire summer, blooming again and again and again. The clusters of white flowers have a sweet wedding honey fragrance with blooms measuring about 3" in diameter. It also has a great round mounding habit which makes it easy to control and easy to pair with other roses in a garden.

Photo credit: Mooseys Country Garden.

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#8 - Carefree Beauty

Bloom Color: Medium Pink

Size: 5 - 6 ft. tall

Hardiness: Zones 5-10

Bloom Time: Repeatedly starting Early Summer

Introduced in 1977 by rose hybridizer Griffith Buck, the Carefree Beauty really is carefree. This shrub rose is very disease resistant. Starting in early summer, it is covered with masses of large, fragrant medium pink blooms. Its ability to repeat bloom makes it a surefire way to add color to your garden all summer long.

Photo from Countryside Roses.

Need To Find Out Your US Plant Hardiness Zone?

Just click on this link to go to the arboretum website. There you can click around on the above map to get a zoomed in view of your area.

Top 10 Reblooming Roses

#9 - William Baffin

Color - Pink

Height - 8 to 10 feet

Hardiness - Zones 3 - 9

Bloom Time - Starts Early Summer

THE best reblooming rose choice for Northern gardeners. This bright pink beauty will bloom from early summer right up until the first frost. William Baffin roses are hardy, disease resistant, and vigorous growers. They feature a glossy light green foliage and they can be trained to cover picket fences or arbors (see photo below). The only drawback of this rose (in my opinion) is that it doesn't have much in the way of fragrance unlike most of my other reblooming selections.

It is also easy to find and can be purchased at Nature Hills Nursery.

Photo from Garden Vines.

Top 10 Reblooming Roses#10 - Europeana

Color - Crimson Red

Height - 5 feet at maturity

Bloom Time - Mid Spring through Mid Fall

Hardiness - Zones 4 to 9

The foliage on this plant is a lovely dark green/bronze color. From mid Spring through mid Fall, 'Europeana' blooms again and again covering itself in clusters of double red crimson flowers that are shaped like rosettes. Flowers are slightly fragrant.

Photo courtesy of Nature Hills


Top 10 Reblooming Roses

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