Top 8 Best Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms

pregnancy gift ideas

pregnancy gift ideas

Let's face it, first-time moms have a lot on their to-do lists to welcome their new bundle of joy into the family. While finding cute onesies and buying baby gifts is fun, the real star of the show is your pregnant mom friend. Since she will be experiencing her body quickly changing, kicking up her feet and enjoying some much-needed pampering is just what she needs. Need the perfect gift idea? We have created a list of the best gifts for first-time, expecting moms:

Spa Care Package

Pregnancy gifts for first time mothers

Topping off our list of best pregnancy gifts for first-time moms is a super relaxing spa care package. Pregnant women want to relax and unwind at the end of the day, so why not gather up some treats she can enjoy in the bath. A gift basket full of lotion, gel, soaps, candles, and more will give the new mom an extra boost to relieve any discomfort that pregnancy may bring. A spa care package is just what she needs to bring on that extra glow she's already beaming!

Relaxation Kit

Gifts for expecting moms

Throughout pregnancy, there are tons of aches and pains as your body is going through so many changes in preparation of that sweet bundle of joy. A relaxation gift basket or kit is the perfect way to give the new mom a little “me time” feeling refreshed and pampered from head to toe. A few items you could include for a relaxation kit could be a robe, a book(perhaps even pregnancy books!), comfy pillow, lotion, snacks, and even a few of your favorite movies.

Photo Shoot & Frame

Creative gifts for first time moms

Pregnancy is such a special and memorable time in a woman's life, so why not surprise her with a maternity photo shoot. Some of the best pregnancy gifts for first-time moms are gifts she will cherish for a lifetime. You could make a full day out of it by setting up a hair and makeup appointment for her followed by a special photo shoot. Don't forget to add a super cute photo frame so that she can frame these special photos and document this unforgettable time in her life.

First Night Care Package

baby gift basket
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So what about her first night home with a new baby? It can be a really scary thought for all first-time moms, so calming her worries with an overnight care package is not only a really great gift but also a well thought out gift she’ll truly appreciate. A few items new mom often need (or would love to have handy) are a blanket, pillows, snacks, diapers, wipes, a book, a onesie for the baby, and of course… coffee for the tired mom!

Healthy Essentials

gift baskets for expecting moms

Staying healthy is at the top of every expecting mom's list. Of course, she'll indulge in her cravings, but it's important to keep health a priority not just for mom, but also for the baby growing inside. She may enjoy a healthy gift basket full of essentials like yummy and safe teas, healthy snacks for on-the-go mom, a freezer meal for their return from the hospital, a yoga mat with an easy to follow prenatal yoga DVD, essential oils, and even a cute water bottle (hydration during pregnancy is super important!)

Jewelry For Mom

special gift ideas for first time expecting mom

Jewelry is a girl’s best friend, right? Any new mom would love a special piece of jewelry representing her sweet new bundle of joy. Right now, the biggest trends in jewelry are small and dainty pieces like simple necklaces with an initial or a dainty cute bracelet.

Mom-to-Be Clothing

Gift ideas for first time mothers

Another great way to make that new moms in your life feel special is with maternity clothing. New moms may not want to splurge on clothing they wouldn't be wearing for long, so when a friend buys her a few new outfits, she will instantly felt better about herself. Not only is maternity wear comfortable with your growing belly, but also it's such a treat to be able to have new clothes that actually fit! Does your friend like to cook? How about getting her a super cute mommy to be apron set that she can rock while cooking dinner and hang on to as a keepsake after the baby is born.

Stylish Diaper Bag

Diaper bag gifts for new moms

So I saved one of the best gifts ideas for last. What about a super stylish and functional diaper bag? This is the perfect way to store and carry all of the baby essentials while on-the-go. Be sure to find a diaper bag that has lots of storage space, comfortable straps, and bonus points if it includes a changing pad!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best gifts for new moms. Do you have any additional ideas we could add to our list? Be sure to share them with us below!

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