Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

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Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Because They're Special

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

It's Christmas morning, and everyone is preparing to open presents. Did you remember to get Fido and Fifi something special this year? Every pet owner wants their little darling to have something innovative and wonderful at Christmastime. Here are some ideas of what you can stuff their stockings with.


Primp Your Pup

There is no shortage of adorable clothes for cats and dogs. You can get your little princess a gown (really!) made especially for pooches that comes in sizes to fit all dogs. You pick up slippers or a raincoat. Or maybe even a pair of flannel pj's. Pet gift baskets enjoy a rather large following.

You can shop for outfits for the little one online and never run out of things to stock her closet with. Get your dog a tuxedo he can wear on New Year's Eve and even a wedding gown for your little tiger.

Gifts for the Pet and the Owner

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Tasty Treats

Nummy in Pet's Tummy

You're in luck if you want to stock up on treats for kitty or puppy. New versions of bones and swat toys come out every year.

Image by Jack Fiallos on Flickr

There are even pet gifts that feature all kinds of great goodies for your pet. Treat kitty to a catnip filled mouse toy or a scratching tower infused with catnip-and designed to keep her claws off your couch. Your favorite dog can enjoy a new bone that is designed to calm his anxiety while he's home alone. Soothing ingredients in the bone make it an all-day treat that will keep him happily occupied until you get home."

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

A New Bed

Rest Up, Young Pup

Forget about an old blanket and a cardboard box. Today's pet beds are good enough for people to sleep in. You'll find microfiber coverings that are soft as suede, fleece coverlets and mattress foam that is thick and plush, and they come in every shape and color imaginable from the canopy kitty bed to the doggie bed that looks like an actual sofa.

Image by chefranden on Flickr

Make Your Own Pet Gift - Go Green and Save Green

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Carrying Cases

Kitty Crate

If you've got to carry Fifi to the groomer, she's got to go in style. Check out the extensive line of pet carrying bags online for a unique pet gift. You'll be surprised at how far the industry has come. Gone are the days of plastic and metal cages. Your lap dog is going to arrive at the vet in regal splendor. With bags that look as good as expensive handbags, you'll look for excuses to carry it. And the comfortable padded ride will mean your pet may never want to come out.

Image by Pet Ferry on Flickr

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Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Laser Show

Light Up Their Life

Your lovable cat will go absolutely crazy for the laser pointer cat toys that are now on the market. These red laser lights make for a fun way for kitty to pass the afternoon with the enthusiasm and energy of a kitten again.

Image by Hey Paul on Flickr

You point the laser in different areas and kitty chases it. It's fun that never gets old and it provides your pet the perfect exercise they might need after the holidays.

Laser Pointers and Kung Fu Kittens - See it in Action

A Spa Package

Top Christmas Gifts for Pets

Purr-fect Pampering

Treat the precious one to a pet gift basket of pampering spa products. High end dog shampoos and conditioners as well as dry shampoo for water-leary cats are appearing in better stores. You can keep your darling looking and smelling pretty with rose or peppermint scented soaps. Brush her delicate fur with an assortment of brushes designed to keep her knots at bay.

Finish up with a handful of gourmet treats and a glass of easily digestible kitty milk (sold in cartons in pet stores) or perhaps a pot of cat grass. A new pig's ear will be delightful for the discerning pooch to chew on. And don't forget the toothbrush and paste designed for kitty or puppy's tastes in flavors like peanut butter and tuna.

Image courtesy of minicooper93402 on Creative Commons

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