Train Birthday Party Ideas

Image by Partha Sarathi Sahana on FlickrGot a little train lover in your life? If so, a train birthday party can be really special for him or her. You can really play up the theme to make it unforgettable.

Do you have a working train near where you live? See if they offer rides for kids. Most times, any working trains do offer rides at special times. You may have to work your party around those times, but imagine the guests’ faces when they see that they are about to embark on a real train. If your train line allows you to bring a party on board, you’re all set. In some areas, Thomas the Train comes to town at different times of the year. See if you can book your party during those times.

If you don’t have a working train in your area, do you have a train museum? That’s the next best thing. If they have a party room, you can bring your whole group, cake and birthday gifts there and also get a tour of the museum. Short of that, you can have your party at home and still make it exciting and interesting.

Trains are your main theme, so you have to have a train cake. Ask your bakery to build one for you. Nowadays, bakeries do all sorts of 3D cakes, so see if you can get them to do at least the first car on a track.

Another cute idea is to make train cupcakes decorated like cars and then line them up on real toy train tracks across a table or in a circular track. Kids will love it.

If you have toy trains all over your house, make a working toy train track setup as your centerpiece. You can run the trains around the track while the party is going. Have trains as your party favors. Get little trains at a dollar store. As an activity, you can purchase pine wood trains and have the guests paint them and let them take them home as favors.

There’s so much more you can do to carry out the train theme. Have everyone come dressed in overalls and give out engineer hats, which you can find online by the dozen cheaply. Play Thomas the Train videos in a continuous loop in the background.

Image by surlygirl on FlickrWhen it’s time to eat, have train shaped sandwiches. These are easy to do with a big train cookie cutter. Just make peanut butter and jelly or cheese sandwiches and then cut them with the cutter. You can, of course, do any kind of sandwich you like, but stick to ones that kids will be most likely to eat without complaint.

The more you put into your train party theme, the better it will all come off. Sing train songs and pretend you’re a big train by having everyone join together in a long line and jog around the room. Make train noises, see who can imitate a train whistle, and just generally make the train theme come alive by moving the party along in interesting ways.

A child who loves trains will go crazy for a train theme. And chances are, he or she will get many train related gifts, so be prepared for lots of oohing and ahhing as presents are opened.

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