Train Birthday Theme Games and Ideas

train cookie gift Train Birthday Theme Games and IdeasLittle kids loves trains - especially little boys!  There are so many fun ideas to bring a train theme to your party games, decorations, food and more!

How about making a cupcake train?  One idea is to frost each cupcake a different color, connect each "car" with licorice and use Nilla Wafers as wheels.

Below are some of my favorite train themed games and activities to make your little one's birthday a hit!

Coal Toss Decorate buckets or shoe boxes like trains. Have each child toss "coal" (balls of tin foil, rolled up black socks or beanbags) into the buckets. 3 in a row or the most coal in wins.

Station Stops A fun idea is to create different "Stations" for each child to stop at. Tape up a sign giving each station a number. You can even pass out "boarding passes" for each child to take to the stations. Some examples of stations are:

1. Decorated Cookies Station
2. Punch/Soda Station
3. Tattoo Station (have Temporary Tattoos for the children to put on)
4. Coloring Station (Lay out color sheets from coloring books or printed from your computer).
5. Train Painting (Buy wooden train ornaments from your local craft store and set out water paints for each child to paint their own train).

Follow the Locomotive Line up the kids with the birthday child at the head of the train. Turn on some fun music and have the birthday child lead the "train of people" by making creative moves that everyone must follow (e.g., jumping, hopping, skipping, spinning, rolling on the ground, waving arms and any other fun gestures.

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