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Train Themed Baby Shower

Published June 25, 2010        by Kim

baby.train  Train Themed Baby Shower
Photo courtesy of Personalized Party Invites

Our first home was close to the railroad tracks.  When I mean close, I mean that our backyard ended where the tracks began.  We were also near a railroad crossing, so the trains heading east would blow their whistles right in our backyard!  Thankfully our firstborn inherited my "heavy sleeper" gene so the early morning whistles never woke us up.  When my husband's work asked us to choose a personal design for our baby's blanket (a standard gift from his office), it was an easy choice - a choo choo train!  The blanket is still in his keepsake chest, a treasured reminder of his birth date and the home where he spent the first 2 years of his life.

Trains hold a special meaning to me - I especially love the old steam locomotives and colorful train cars.  Boys young and old love trains too - from Thomas the Train to The Little Engine That Could to the fancy Silver Bullet.  If you need some inspiration for a baby boy themed shower just start here!

Get your train shower rolling with a ticket-themed invitation like the one seen here.  You can create them yourself, or simply enter the information and order them from Personalized Party Invites.  Use phrases like "All Aboard the Baby Train", "Chugging Along", or "Choo Choo Baby".  You can even ask guests to show their ticket for admittance, then give them a gift if they remember to do so.

For a fun themed shower game, line up guest chairs from front to back and have the guests ride the "baby train".  Starting with the first person in line, ask each guest to name an item they would bring along (bib, pacifier, diapers, etc).   The next guest in line must repeat everything that was previously mentioned, then add an item of their own.  By the time you get to the caboose, there should be a long list of baby items.  If the last person in line can repeat everything that's on the train, reward her with a prize!

Decorate for your train baby shower with train themed partyware and choo choo party favors.  Select primary colors and use Thomas the Train decorations, which can easily be found at a local party store (look in the birthday aisle). Wind a train track or toy train around the food table, for even more fun have the train running on the track during the shower!

Help out your guest of honor by providing her with a list of all the passengers onboard her baby train.  Pass around a clipboard titled "Mom's Baby Train Manifest" and ask guests to fill in their names and addresses so mom has them close at hand when writing thank you cards.  You can even provide the thank you cards for your guest of honor, there are a number of adorable train thank you cards online.

Wrap up the party with a big thank you to all who rode the guest of honor's baby train!  Let them know there were some interesting stops along the way (games, gifts, food) and invite them to the next stop - baby's arrival!

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