Triplet Baby Gift Ideas

Triplet Gift Ideas
Image by caharley72 on Flickr
Triplet Baby Gift Ideas
Image by caharley72 on Flickr

Let's Get Practical

When triplets arrive, everything can either turn to chaos or go smoothly depending on the way a mom and dad are able to handle things. You can help them get off to a great start by offering them some practical baby gifts that save them time, money and their sanity. Keep reading to learn about the many ways you can help out a family who has just had three new little ones!

The Stroller For 3

Triplet Baby Gift Ideas

No mom of three should be without a triplet stroller. Three seats with secure straps make any outing easier. There are many available online, but you can also find them in good shape at consignment shops that cater to babies.

Image by shevoo on Flickr

You may even score one by placing an ad in a local paper or an online classified swap shop like Freecycle. Don't worry if you can only find a used one. Use some upholstery cleaner, freshen it up and deliver it. Chances are the new mom will be so glad to have it she won't care that it's used.

Look online to learn how to clean and upcycle an older piece and the new mom will be thrilled!

Cuteness is in the air

Triplet Baby Gift Ideas
Image by LizMarie_AK on Flickr

Give the Gift of Sleep!

Triplet Baby Gift Ideas

Offer to give mom and dad the gift of much needed sleep. Offer to babysit while they go off to their bedroom and finally get a good amount of sleep.

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Bring a capable friend or relative too if you think you can't manage the task alone. The parents will be elated to have help right in their home where they can be nearby but still get some sleep. Isn't that every new mother's dream gift anyways?

How to Help New Moms

Triplet Baby Gift Ideas

Bottle Proppers

Many companies sell bottle proppers that attach to a high chair, car seat or stroller. Check into these and see if you can find one that best suits the new mom's needs.

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These will allow mom to get all three babies fed and happy without delay. Mom has her hands free to prepare lunch, grab baby bibs, or clean up a little and babies are content.

Triplet Baby Gift Ideas

Educational DVD's

Mom and Dad are going to need some time to at least run to the bathroom and/or do laundry every once in a while. That's where this gift idea comes into play.

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Allow her that time by providing educational DVDs for babies that they can watch from their bouncy chairs or playpen.

Mom will be happy that she can answer the phone or grab the mail while babies are fascinated an happily entertained.

Choose from any number of series that are available. Choose from neat little gift packs like a Baby Einstein gift set, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Extra Diapers

Triplet Baby Gift Ideas

A parent of one newborn will go through about eight or nine diapers EACH day. Times that by three and you've got a real need for surplus diapers!

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Go to a discount or warehouse store and get newborn as well as the next sized diapers (usually size 1) so that she has plenty on hand now and into the near future. Include a gift receipt in case she needs to exchange them for a bigger (or smaller) size though.

You can't imagine how fast they will go through these, but the new parents will be so thankful to have a big stash to get them through. Which also means, less trips to the store for them. Double score!

The cuteness train has arrived!

Triplet Baby Gift Ideas
Image by stevendepolo on Flickr

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Triplet Baby Gift Ideas

Dinner in the Freezer

Preparing dinner is one thing that's going to have to wait when triplets need to be fed. Provide the family with several nights of pre-cooked frozen homemade dinners that they can just take out and microwave when they need them. You'll be heralded as a lifesaver!

Image by jspatchwork on Flickr

Store your prepared meal gifts in disposable containers so they don't have to be concerned with washing and returning your precious Tupperware to you. It's the little things that matter most.

Laundry Help

Triplet Baby Gift Ideas

Offer to go over and do a new mom's laundry for a few days. Any mom would love this help, but when there are triplets on the scene, even more so. With three times as many dirty outfits, your help will be much welcomed.

Image by mugley on Flickr

Make a cute coupon or gift certificate to let her know she can call you any time she needs laundry done. And in case she's the kind of mom who hates to ask for help, be sure you repeat your offer often.

Free Gifts

That Don't Cost Money

If you don't have a lot of disposable income, then you might be asking how you can help without spending any money. It is possible, and sometimes those are the best gifts you can give!

New moms' wants are few. They just want sleep, a clean house and a warm meal. If you can provide them one of those things, then you might just be their new favorite person! It doesn't hurt to ask the new mom what she could use help with either. Maybe she just doesn't have the energy to do the dishes that have piled up. Or maybe she hasn't had a chance to go grocery shopping. No matter what it is, be sure to ask how you can help her out.

Little Known Facts About Triplets

Let's Learn a Bit!

There are so many interesting things to know about twins and triplets. And so much of it is not known information! Here are some fun facts that you probably have never heard about triplets.

  • The average length of a triplet pregnancy is 34 weeks.
  • The average weight at birth for a triplet is 4 pounds 10 oz.
  • Hawaii has the lowest rate for multiples.
  • The odds of having triplets is 1 in 8,100, however that number has grown 400% in the last 20 years due to reproductive treatments.
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