Twin Baby Gift Ideas

If one baby is fun, two are double the joy. If you know a mom who is having twins, there are so many adorable gifts you can purchase for the new siblings.

Go for items that have a cute saying or theme. Onesies and t-shirts are available with sayings just perfect for twin babies gifts. You can order them online with sayings such as “I’m with her” and “I’m with him” with arrows pointing to the other baby. Other shirts say “Older and Wiser” and “Younger and Cuter” on individual shirts. These items are darling and will definitely get a laugh at the baby shower. Choose any clothing items in a larger size (such as 6 months) so that the babies will get more wear out of them. Babies grow out of newborn sizes so quickly.

Equipment designed for twins also makes for great baby gifts. Get the new parents a twin jogging stroller and you’ll be on their gratitude list forever. These handy strollers are meant to ride twins around in comfort. You can get them with extra padded seats, special storage and folding options and more extras than you’d find on a new car. Choose from side by side seating or front and back. These strollers can be pricey, but there are other options than brand new. You can search Yard Sales and thrift stores. Often these strollers (which can run up and over $300) can be had for $20! Check the condition of any used stroller. Make sure the tires are not too worn and the fabric is not frayed. If there’s a spot or two on it, you can always use a fabric cleaner on it before you gift it. Depending on the mom, a used stroller can often be just as good a gift as a new one. And often moms of twins like to leave one stroller in the car and another at the grandparents’ home. So it’s a good source for an extra twin stroller as well.

Diapers are another good choice. Moms go through hundreds of diapers with newborns. Double that for moms of twins. She’ll thank you for providing boxes of diapers. This will mean one less trip to the store to stock up. Choose smaller as well as bigger sizes of diapers so mom can use them now and as the twins grow.

If the twins are going to be a boy and a girl, you can have fun with the personalization. Instead of getting identical items, get one in blue and one in pink. Consider making a baby gift basket for each. One can be filled with blue items and one can have pink. Choose romper outfits, toys, baby bath products, tiny shoes, and blankets in each child’s color. They make a great presentation because they look so cute side by side and it also shows that each child is an individual and you didn’t just group them together in one gift.

Mom’s going to need two of everything, so use your head. Can you and a friend chip in and get her two high chairs? Two car seats? Two winter coats? Two bouncy seats? Two baby bath tubs (one for mom to use with one child at bath time and one for dad to bathe the other child)? The more you can buy in duplicate the easier the first few weeks and months will be for the new mom and dad.

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