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Double the Blessings Twins Gift BasketTwins. Expectant parents who hear this word for the first time are thrilled – and terrified!  How can they handle twice as many diapers and midnight feedings on half as much sleep?  It can seem overwhelming, but with the help of family and friends, twins truly are a double blessing.  When twins are on the way, here are some wonderful twin baby gifts to consider in order to make life a bit easier for parents and even more enjoyable for the babies!

Thing 1 and Thing 2.  These funny Dr. Seuss creations are popular gifts for twins, and you can find a host of products starring these beloved characters.  From onesies and t-shirts to stuffed buddies and, of course, books, Thing 1 and Thing 2 will bring twice as many smiles to mom and dad’s faces.

Diapers and more diapers.  Kids use an incredible number of diapers throughout their early lives, and the expense quickly adds up for singletons. Imagine having to diaper two at a time! The gift of diapers is always, always appreciated by parents. They likely have newborn sizes, so get the next size up so they are prepared for baby’s first growth spurt. You can also include a few more packages of wipes. This makes for a wonderful twins baby shower gift.

Nursing pillow for twins.  Breastfeeding moms will find these specially made pillows a blessing at feeding time.  They help support both babies comfortably and safely; you can find models that angle babies correctly to help facilitate proper feeding, as well as pillows that have an attachment for mom’s back.

Bouncy seat.  When you have one child, trying to get dinner made or sit down for some work can be a challenge. That challenge is multiplied with twins; a bouncy seat or two can help give parents time to tend to the other child or to get a chore done. Two is obviously great, but one will come in handy when one baby is being fed, diapered, or comforted, and the other is content to sit.

Double stroller.  These can be pricy, so you may want to have several friends chip in. A double stroller can be a sanity saver for new parents. Walking helps soothe babies, and many stubborn children have been lulled into naps with the soothing movement. Strollers can help transport babies conveniently and help parents lose pregnancy pounds.

Car seat toys. Rattle-type toys with loops can be used on car seat bars, stroller handles, diaper bag handles, and more to entertain babies in the car, on walks, at the doctor’s office, at home, at babysitters’ homes, and anywhere in between.  Buy enough for each baby; when they are young, they won’t mind sharing!  Also, purchase an extra pack of loops for convenience.

Time and services.  The single most appreciated gift that you could give parents of twins is your time and help.  They may say, “Oh, we’re fine; we don’t need any help,” but you can be sure that they’d love a reliable babysitter so they can take a quick trip to the store or a walk by themselves. They would love someone to do the dishes and put the laundry in.  They would love for someone to mow the lawn, water the garden, or rake the leaves.  House chores take second place when children arrive, but a clean home does wonders for the spirits.  Offer to clean up, cook meals, deliver premade frozen meals, or just offer to hold the baby downstairs while mom runs upstairs for a nap.  If you are a close friend or relative, your time and help will be the best gift – and the least expensive!

Two of whatever you were going to get.  Twins are still babies; they still need onesies, burp clothes, bibs, and diapers.  Make sure each baby has something of his/her own. They won’t know it at first, but later, they will be glad that they are thought of as individuals.

Twins are a blessing – and a lot of work! Celebrate, and help parents out, with thoughtful gifts for their special babies.

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