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Under The Sea Baby Shower Cakes

Published December 26, 2009        by Kim

These adorable cakes brought a smile to my face and I hope they'll do the same for you.  Today I was on the lookout for the best Under The Sea themed cakes that I could find on the net (check out the resource links underneath the photo collage).  I just love these cakes and cupcakes and I hope they'll inspire you when you are planning an Under The Sea Baby Shower!

There are so many options when it comes to ocean-inspired cakes and desserts.  And the colors of the ocean make for a great display on a baby shower buffet table.  Consider incorporating a snorkel-clad baby or a pregnant mermaid into the dessert to add a bit of whimsy.  If you aren't ready to whip up a full-blown masterpiece like some of the cakes shown below, have no fear.  You can still create an ocean-inspired dessert by visiting your local cake or craft store and purchasing under the sea themed cupcake liners and ocean inspired sugar decorations.  They even make cupcake sprinkles in the shape of fish, starfish, octopus, and seahorses.  And if you want to leave the baking to someone else, I'm sure that your local bakery would be more than happy to put together an ocean-inspired cake for you.


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1 thought on “Under The Sea Baby Shower Cakes”

  1. Chk out these cakes---If I can find some underwater sea animals that I could just put on cupcakes and serve on your tree that would be cute---do you still have that or was it Erika's?

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