Under The Sea Baby Shower Gifts and Games

Delight guests at your Under the Sea baby shower with games that celebrate your theme!  Guessing games are always a hit, so fill a jar with fish-shaped crackers and have guests try to figure out how many are inside.  The person closest to the correct number wins a prize - like an ocean scented candle.  Another fun game is one that tests your guests' artistic abilities.  Have each person place a piece of paper on top of their head and then draw the best fish they can without looking.

The mother-to-be can judge each drawing and award a fitting prize (like a stationery set) to the winner.  If you have time to do a little research, look up the names of ocean babies (a baby whale is a calf, a baby shark is a pup, baby frogs are tadpoles, etc) then create a quiz based on these answers.  The person who gets the most questions right wins!  If you don't have the time or creativity to come up with your own shower game, you can find a number of baby shower games online.

Some of the prettiest and most colorful baby gifts available are those that celebrate an ocean theme!  The gift basket pictured above contains a hodgepodge of items including a musical CD, fun bath toys, some ocean-themed books and an adorable plush octopus!  You can purchase this gift as seen, or create one of your own by putting together "Under the Sea" items into a galvanized tub or wicker basket.  The gift container can also be used to store toys, diapers or baby blankets once baby arrives!  With a gift this beautiful, you may choose not to wrap it and instead display it as a fun centerpiece at your shower.

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