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Under The Sea Baby Shower Ideas

Published July 31, 2015        by Matt

Under The Sea Baby Shower

Ideas For An Under The Sea or Whale Baby Shower

Ideas For An Under The Sea Baby Shower

Throwing an Under The Sea ocean-inspired baby shower can be quite fun! Using fish and the ocean as inspiration, you can easily carry the Under The Sea theme through to all the decorations, baby shower games, food and of course the party favors for your guests.

So if you are trying to come up with a unique shower theme to help Mom welcome her new little guppy to the world, consider these clever and cute ocean-inspired ideas! Your guests will love your ingenuity.

Under The Sea Ocean Themed Invitations

When it comes to invitations, there are 3 basic choices. Buy fully personalized and printed invitations that you simply order and then mail to the guests.

The second choice is to buy themed invitations such as those shown in the photograph to the right. These fill-in style invitations are usually sold in packages of 8 or 16 and they feature pre-printed lines where you write in all the shower information such as who is throwing the shower, the date, time, location, etc.

Finally, you can make the invitations yourself either using a computer or crafting supplies. It is easy to find ocean-themed graphics or clip art online so creating your own printed invitations can be easy for those that are computer savvy. Consider using some phrasing such as:

Under The Sea Ocean Themed Invitations

Ahoy there!

[mom to be's name] Is expecting a new guppy soon

So swim over for the celebration at this reef:

[location and address]

[date and time]

Given by: [hostess's name]

RSVP: [phone number]

Under the Sea, Under the Sea, Come Celebrate with Baby & Me!

Here are all the details for [mom to be's name] ocean shower adventure....

Port: [location and address]

Sail Date: [date and time]

Captain: [hostess's name]

S.O.S: [Please RSVP by date and phone number]

Alternatively if you are crafty, consider making some fish-shaped invites with the above text in the center (belly) of the fish. You can use glitter, stickers, etc to create an entire underwater ocean theme as well. Many craft stores also sell ocean-inspired card stock that would be an excellent choice. Making great looking baby shower invitations can be loads of fun!

Under The Sea Decorations & Supplies

Under The Sea Decorations & Supplies

When it comes to decorating for an Under The Sea baby shower, think blue! Blue streamers and balloons throughout the party set an underwater atmosphere. Buy fish-shaped baby shower balloons and pinatas to hang from the ceiling. You really want the shower guests to feel like they've just walked into the ocean when they come through the door. Cardboard cutouts of fish, octopuses, and coral can be used to decorate the walls. You can even find fish-shaped strings of lights at party supply stores or online at Oriental Trading Company.

On the buffet or gift table, use fish netting on top of a blue tablecloth and scatter shells around the food or gifts. For the centerpieces, consider using small glass fishbowls with goldfish (you can use them as game prizes). Another idea is to use an baby diaper cake. It can pull double-duty as both the centerpiece and your baby shower gift for Mom and baby.

Finally, put on an ocean-inspired CD with dolphin or whale sounds in the background.

When it comes to ocean-themed decorating, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to get Under The Sea baby shower supplies like the plates, napkins, and cups shown in the photo to the right. You can find tabletop items as well as coordinating items on our website.

For pictures and tips on decorating for an Under The Sea Baby Shower, be sure to check out the Secret Agent Blog. Josephine shares lots of photos and great ideas for an ocean themed shower that she hosted.

Ocean Preppy Girl Baby Shower - Get all the matching supplies in one place!

Ocean Preppy Girl Baby Shower

Under The Sea Party Food Ideas

Under The Sea Party Food Ideas

Here are some great ideas to tie all of your food in with your Baby Shower Theme:

Make your favorite blue punch recipe or buy some of the blue tropical punch kool-aid and put it in a big punch bowl. You can buy reusable plastic fish-shaped ice cubes or make your own to float in the punch. To make your own ice cubes, simply buy fish or dolphin chocolate molds, fill them with a different color of punch (such as red) and freeze them. Just pop them out of the molds and add them to the punch right before the party starts.

For the main dish, "submarine" sandwiches are always a hit. Things like crab cakes or crab salads are also a great choice. Or how about some seashell pasta salad (add some shrimp if you like).

Photo Credit: Flickr Littldetails

Finally, I also love the idea of serving 'Octopus' hot dogs. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, you make octopus hot dogs by leaving the top 1/3 of the hot dog intact and then slice the bottom 2/3 into 8 legs (be sure not to cut them off... legs should stay attached to the top 1/3). Cook the dogs in boiling water and watch the 8 legs curl up. Super fun!! You can get step-by-step instructions on how to make octopus hot dogs along with photos by clicking here.

You can give just about anything like small finger sandwiches, jello jigglers, and even cheese an under the sea theme by using ocean-inspired cookie cutters such as dolphins, sharks, fish, etc. Be sure to serve all your party food on fish-shaped serving dishes which are normally pretty easy to find during summer months at places like Walmart or Target.

Bowls full of goldfish crackers and gummy sharks for snacking are a must at an ocean-themed event! And don't forget about dessert (my favorite part)!! Ben & Jerry's sells 'Fishy Food' ice cream that is the perfect accompaniment to any of the cakes shown below.

Under The Sea Baby Cake Inspiration

Under The Sea Baby Cake Inspiration

The above fish-themed cakes along with the instructions to make them can be found at

Ocean Themed Cake

You could easily convert the ideas presented on this video to a baby shower cake.

Ocean Preppy Boys Shower Supplies

Ocean Preppy Boys Shower Supplies

Under The Sea Themed Shower Games

Under The Sea Themed Shower Games

Go Fish! Card Game - You can purchase the classic go fish card game at local retailers such as Walmart, Target and even many local drugstores. It will take your guests back to their childhood.

Draw an Octopus Game - Give each guest a blank piece of paper and a pencil. Have them close their eyes and ask them to draw an octopus (time the drawing for 1 minute). Have either the Mom-to-be or the hostess be the judge. The best looking Octopus wins. You could change this game up by having them draw a fish, dolphin, shark, or whatever fits in best with your party theme. Maybe even consider having them draw a snorkeling baby!!

Fish Cracker Guessing Game - Fill a glass container with goldfish crackers (counting them as you put them in). Then have guests guess how many are in the container. The guest closest to the correct answer without going over wins the prize.

Ocean Maze Game - The free printable game can be downloaded here. Have your guests help the sea turtle find its way back to the ocean.

Ocean Word Search - Either create your own ocean word search puzzle on your computer using words like fish, turtle, ocean, etc or download this free printable.

Under The Sea Baby Shower Favors

Under The Sea Baby Shower Favors

Personalized Favors are always a hit!

The options for under the sea inspired shower favors are numerous. The above photo shows just a couple choices - personalized chocolate baby shower favors and personalized travel candles. Both offer an excellent way to not only incorporate the ocean theme, but they are also customized with the mom's name and shower date to make them extra special for the event.

Other favor options include filling cellophane ocean-themed gift bags with things like fish-shaped candles, foil-covered chocolate fish, seashell shaped soaps, bath beads and so much more! You can even find place card holders that feature ocean shapes such as shells, starfish, palm trees, dolphins, and fish. They would look great on the tables for guests or used as decorations with little photos throughout the party.

Finally, consider products designed just for women such as containers of lip balm or jars of body butter designed specifically to soothe dry, chapped lips and skin. These items are often available in numerous themes and can be customized with the shower details.

Photo Credit: Baby Shower Party Favors

Under The Sea Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Under The Sea Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If your are throwing an Under The Sea baby shower or are invited to an ocean-themed shower, why not tie your gift in with the theme. Baby gift baskets like the ones shown above feature all kinds of ocean creatures to get baby learning about and loving the oceans. Baby Einstein has all kinds of learning and activity toys that have ocean sounds and shapes like octopuses, dolphins and crabs.

If you are the shower host, you could even use these gifts as the centerpiece too! Everyone will be impressed by your creativity.

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