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Unique & Different Baby Shower Themes

Published June 13, 2007        by Kim

If you are hosting a baby shower, you know just how important it is to choose a fun and unique baby shower theme. Themes not only help the hostess keep organized, but they also give the guests some focus and ideas for gifts that they might not normally consider. Here are some unique theme ideas that your shower guests will love!

  1. Book Baby Shower – Ask each guest to bring their favorite storybook to the baby shower. What a great way to help Mom build a baby library! Consider using bookmarks for the baby shower invitations.

  2. Pamper Mom Shower – Great for 3rd or 4th time mom who doesn’t need more baby stuff, tell the shower guests that they should bring gifts to pamper Mom. Items like bubble bath, scented lotions, candles, etc are perfect.Spa gift certificates would be great too.

  3. Gift Certificate or Coupons Shower – Perfect for the Mom who already has everything because she is on child number 3 or 4, the guests give gift certificates or coupons that Mom can utilize. Examples include a spa, diaper service, maid service or restaurant gift certificate. Better yet, guests can give their time and make up coupons good for things like a few hours of babysitting, a home-cooked meal delivered to the family, or house cleaning.

  4. Diaper Party – Ask your guests to forego the typical shower gifts to bring diapers of all sizes as presents. What Mom doesn’t need diapers? She’ll be thrilled to end up with 6 or 8 months of diapers. If guests want to spruce up their gift a bit, they could make a baby shower diaper cake.

  5. Time of Day Shower – When you send out the shower invitations for a time of day shower, each guests should be assigned a time of day (meal time, nap time, play time, dinnertime, bath time, night time). Guests should bring a gift that corresponds to the time of day that they were assigned. For instance if someone was assigned nap time, they could give the Ocean Wonders Aquarium which is designed to help baby sleep.

  6. Seasonal Shower – Theme the shower around the season or time of year. For instance, in February, throw a heart or Valentine shower. In April, you could do an ‘April Showers bring Baby Flowers’ flower themed shower. In July, you could do a patriotic red, white and blue color scheme and throw the shower as a backyard barbecue. In October, throw a Halloween party where shower guests come dressed in costumes. In December, decorate the shower in a holiday motif and have the guests wrap their baby shower gifts in holiday Christmas gift wrap.

  7. A to Z Shower – Each guest is assigned a letter of the alphabet on their invitation and asked to bring a gift that begins with the letter they were assigned. A cute way to carry this theme through to the party is to use ABC themed plates and napkins and then decorate with wooden baby blocks that have the letters of the alphabet on them.

  8. Time Capsule or Scrapbook Shower – Each guest is asked either to bring a scrapbook page (usually the host has to buy matching pages and send one with the invitations) or something to add to the time capsule. Examples might include a letter to the baby or newspaper clippings with current events. These gifts will hold memories that can be cherished for years to come.If you are looking for fun baby shower games at your memory making shower, ask each guest to bring a baby photo of themself and then have the shower guests see if they can guess who is who.