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Unique Easter Egg Dying Ideas

Published April 02, 2010        by Rae Ann

Photo Credit: Personal Creations
Photo Credit: Personal Creations

If you're looking for a new way to decorate your Easter Eggs this year, here are 2 more fun and easy ways to create unique looking Easter Eggs.  Don't forget to display your gorgeous eggs on a special tiered egg display tree or in a beautiful Easter basket!

Rubber Band Tye Dyed Eggs

Wrap several rubber bands around a hard-boiled egg (careful to not crack the egg!) Dip the egg into a bowl containing the mixture of food color, vinegar and water. Let it sit for a while for the color to intensify. Remove the egg, pat it dry and take off the rubber bands. The areas covered by rubber bands will still have the original egg shell color and have a tye-dye effect.

You can dye the eggs a solid color before applying the rubber bands, or leave the eggs their natural color.

Photo Credit: Personal Creations
Photo Credit: Personal Creations

Tape or Sticker Designs

Use simple shape paper punches to punch out shapes from masking tape (or cut out your own design), then stick tape to egg. Dye the eggs with the tape on, let them dry, then remove the tape to reveal great designs!

Other ways to get fun designs is to use white crayon or clear nail polish. Color designs, names or anything else, then dye the egg. Wherever you applied the crayon or polish the dye won't stick.

Photo Credit: Tarah Tamayo at Flickr
Photo Credit: Tarah Tamayo at Flickr


1 thought on “Unique Easter Egg Dying Ideas”

  1. These ideas are awsome!!! You should make more I am so going to use these to die my easter eggs and make them unique

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