Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Having a difficult time thinking of the perfect Father's Day Gift? We all know that Dads and men in general, for that matter, are infamously difficult to buy gifts for. So this year, stop the neck tie trend and give Dad a gift he can really use and enjoy - electronics, power tools or a hobby related item.

What man doesn't love electronics? Considering the rate at which technology evolves these days, it is likely that Dad doesn't have the latest and greatest techno gadget. Visit your local Best Buy, go online to Amazon.com or buy Consumer Reports magazine to get a good overview of the most popular electronic items that are on the market today.  One idea to consider is a digital camera. Prices on cameras have decreased significantly in the last few years. You can now get a 7 pixel camera for under $200 with all the gee-wiz gadgets you can imagine including movement auto-face focus, zero time delay,  and red-eye edit capabilities right on the camera. Dad will love capturing family moments, taking pictures of the kids or photographing his latest carpentry creation. One of the most popular electronic picks is a Universal Remote. Logitech has a computer programmable remote that can control all those electronic gadgets in the cabinet such as the DVR, DVD player, CD player, HD television, stereo receiver and more. You can get a great version of the Universal Logitech remote control at Wal-mart for around $100. More expensive options are also available at places like Best Buy. It is easy to program using downloadable data via a computer, and can perform multiple functions with the push of one button. If your coffee table is covered with five remotes, it may turn out that you'll love this gift for Dad as much as he will. Finally, for an inexpensive gadget option, consider a computer flash drive. These portable data devices are about the size of a small lighter and hold ridiculous amounts of data. When Dad wants to take data from his computer to the office or to another computer in the house, this small device will make the job infinitely easier.

Do you have one of those Dads that spend more time in the garage tinkering than in the house? Well wander out to his garage or tool shed and take a look around. Even if Dad has tons of tools, he probably doesn't have the latest gadget or maybe he needs one of his old tools replaced. Some newer items to consider are laser levels or specialty pliers. If you simply don't know what Dad needs or if you are running short on time, just get him a gift card to his favorite home improvement store like Menards or Home Depot. When he gets to pick out his gift, you can be 100% sure that he'll like it!

Lastly, consider Dad's hobbies for gift inspiration. Does he like golfing, drinking beer, watching NASCAR or something else? Giving a gift that is in line with one of his hobbies will likely be a hit. If Dad is a big sports fanatic, consider giving him tickets to a local game (e.g.  basketball, football, baseball gift).  Make this gift even better by offering to take him to the game yourself so that you can spend some quality time together. If Dad is a golfer, you could take him golfing, give him a golf improvement book or a new golf club. Fishermen are easy to buy for because new lures and gadgets are coming out every year. Finally if Dad mostly likes to sit around watching TV and drinking beer, give him a food or beverage gift. Many online gift basket companies such as Holiday Gifts & Gift Baskets sell gourmet food baskets, cookie bouquets, beer gift baskets, grilling gifts and other gifts themed for Father's Day. Just do a quick search on the web to find a suitable gourmet gift.

No matter what you end up buying Dad this year, he'll love that you took the time to pick out something tailored to his needs. Now get up and get shopping!

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