15 Unique Gift Ideas For Him

Unique gift ideas for him
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Buying gifts for guys can always be a challenge so in this post, I've assembled some of my favorite ideas for him. The list contains a wide array of holiday gifts or any occasion gifts chosen to cover a wide range of hobbies and interests. Over the years, I've found that the most well-received gifts are those tailored to his specific interests. The golf lover, the outdoorsman, the sharp dresser, they are all covered.

Now kick back, relax, and have fun shopping!

Unique gift ideas for him
Original image by jdhancock on Flickr

#1 - Golfing Gifts

When it comes to gifts for the guy who loves golf, there are an endless array of gadgets, clubs, and accessories available. If you know his specific needs, then you should certainly buy that club or golf bag that he has been dropping hints about for the last 3 months. However, most likely, you don't know exactly what he needs. If that is the case, then your best bet is either accessories, decorative items, orgolf gift baskets.

Golf magazines and golf books such as Dave Pelz's Short Game bible as well as desk accessories such as a mini putting green or photo frame are great ideas. Practice balls, a new golf towel, golf tees or water bottle make great stocking stuffers for the golf lover.

#2 - Billfold or Wallet

Men have a tendency to buy wallets when they are COMPLETELY worn out and falling apart. Last year, I gave both my father and husband Italian leather wallets and they absolutely LOVED them. If your man's wallet needs to be replaced, here are some of my favorites at Amazon for you to consider.

#3 - Gifts for the Sports Lover

The options for a sport lover are endless. Apparel showing off the logo of his favorite sports team, tickets to a game, a new basketball for his home court, or asports gift basketare just a few of the options.

Deluxe Dart Board Gift Set by All About Gifts & Baskets
Deluxe Dart Board Gift Set by All About Gifts & Baskets

Our 2-in-1dartboard gift is reversible so that he can play several different dart games. It also comes with a bunch of snacks such as sausage, cheese and cookies. A great gift for him to put in his "man cave".

#4 - A Nice Belt

What guy couldn't use a brand new belt? It seems like they are always looking a bit tattered so give him something that he'll rarely buy for himself!

#5 - Beer or Wine Gift Set

If he loves to come home from work and grab a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, then a gift of alcohol would be a great idea for the holidays. You can find beer orwine gift basketslike the one shown in the photo that incorporates Guinness beer or wine from Napa Valley.

Beer gift basket ideas for him
Beer Gift Basket Sets by All About Gifts & Baskets

If you want to give a gift that keeps giving all year long, consider a wine of the month or beer of the month club. Each and every month of the year, he'll receive a different kind of beer or wine with a 12 month subscription.

#6 - Men's Pajamas

Men love lounging around just as much as women so why not give him a nice pair of his own PJ'S?

#7 - Gifts for a Fisherman

Fishing poles, lures, and tackle boxes are just a few of the gift ideas for the fisherman in your life. And if he lives in a state like Wisconsin or Minnesota, perhaps he could use some winter ice fishing gear as well. Things like a portable fish house, a heater, and pop-up fishing gear are always a hit with anyone that ice fishes.

Fishing gift baskets
Fishing Gift Baskets from All About Gifts & Baskets

A fishing gift basket is an excellent idea for a fisherman that lives out of state. Let someone else do all the work assembling some fishing themed items and shipping them directly to your recipient!

#8 - Cologne for Men

There are some great smelling colognes on the market right now. These are a couple foolproof options:

# 9 - Snack Foods

They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach so don't forget that motto this holiday season. Whether you whip up a batch of homemade brownies or a romantic gourmet meal just for him, you'll be giving one Christmas present that he won't soon forget!

Men's Snack Crate
Men's Snack Crate

If the guy in your life lives out of state, then consider sending him a bigholiday popcorn tinor asnack gift basket. You can find gift baskets with sweet or savory treats to satisfy any man's palette. Our Sausage & Cheese gift tote is currently priced at $50.

#10 - Watch or Heart Rate Monitor

If your guy is a fitness enthusiast, then a heart rate monitor would be right up his alley! Check out these top of the line options.

#11 - Blu-Ray Player

What guy wouldn't love adding to his home theater collection? This blu-ray player is top of the line!

#12 - Flat Screen TV

Another addition to his home theater!

#13 - Gourmet Cookies

Satisfy his sweet tooth and tummy with a tin orbouquet of cookies. You can buy cookie gifts like the one shown in the photo online or you can bake some of his favorite cookies right in your own kitchen. 'Tis the season for baking so why not whip up an extra special batch of cookies, brownies, cake or pie just for him?

Cookies For Men
Happy Birthday Sports Ball Cookie Bouquet

#14 - Best Selling Garage Tools

If your handyman spends more time in the garage then in the house, here are some great ideas for him.

#15 - Best Selling DVD Boxed Sets

Your guy will love these TV series!

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