Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We all remember giving Mom one of our great creations or painted masterpieces when we were a kid, but now that we are all grown up, we should give Mom a holiday gift that she can truly cherish. Instead of the same old Mother's Day flower bouquet, send Mom something unique and different this year. Here are some gift ideas that will make finding the perfect gift a bit easier. No matter what you choose, make sure that you allot enough time for any online gift to be delivered prior to Mother's Day or buy something locally so you can deliver it yourself.

- Garden Plant. The Mother's Day holiday falls in the spring just when plants are starting to grow and bloom in the garden. So if Mom is a gardening expert or just a want-to-be green thumb, a garden plant such as a hydrangea or blooming azalea would be an excellent gift choice. Shopping and checking with your local nursery will help insure that the plant you choose will be hardy in your area. Perennials are a great option because they will come back year after year. To make your gift extra special, include a lovely card and offer to plant it for her.

- Mother's Day Cookie or Candy Bouquet. Send Mom something that is as sweet as she is this Mother's Day. Visit a local gift shop or shop online at one of the many bakery and gift stores that will now ship directly to her door. The most popular Mother's Day cookie bouquets incorporate iced sugar cookies in various flower, heart and butterfly shapes. If Mom has a sweet tooth for candy, a chocolate gift basket would be an excellent choice.

- Housework or Home Improvement Coupons. Mother's Day doesn't have to be expensive and some of the best gifts are the giving of your time and elbow grease. Like most of us, Mom is probably always on the go so a little help with Spring cleaning tasks, painting a room or cleaning out the garage would be greatly appreciated. Just use your computer to make up ‘coupons' for the tasks that you want to assist with. Of course if you are short on time too, you could give gift certificates to a housecleaning service like Merry Maids or a window washing service.

- Mother's Day Gift Basket. Gift baskets are a great place to incorporate Mom's hobbies. Whether she is a bookworm, a gardener or a food junkie, you can make or buy a Mother's Day gift basket to suit her tastes. For instance if she loves gardening, how about getting a watering can and filling it with gardening essentials such as gloves, tools, seed packets and perhaps some ice tea to cool her off after a long day in the garden. If you decide to make your own, just wrap your gift basket in a big gift bag or cellophane and top it off with a big bow and card for a stunning presentation.

- An escorted shopping spree. This is a great dual purpose gift - Mom gets to spend time with you and she gets some new fashionable clothes or gadgets out of the deal. Picking out clothes together can be a great way to bond with Mom and give her some advice on the latest fashion trends. She'll proudly wear her gift the next time she is out with friends or family.

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