Unique Piggy Bank Gifts For Kids

Unique Piggy Bank Gifts For Kids

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Unique Piggy Bank Gifts For Kids

Getting Them Started

Unique Piggy Bank Gifts For Kids

Kids love piggy banks as much as adults do. If you are trying to encourage a youngster to save money for the future, or if you just like the look of piggy banks, gift a little one with a piggy bank.

There are so many adorable versions out there. You may just start him or her on a lifelong hobby of collecting piggy banks or the habit of saving!

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Team Spirit

Sports Piggy Banks

Many piggy banks now come with sports team logos emblazoned on them. If you have a little one who is rooting for the Steelers or for their hometown team, see if you can find a piggy bank with their logo on it, they make for great birthday gifts. Maybe their parents are big Cubs fans, try to get their team logo on the piggy bank for an extra load of fun.

Alma Mater

School Spirit

Are you an aunt or uncle who wants your niece or nephew to have a bank with your school's logo on it? Or maybe you're the parent and you want them to save up money to go to your alma mater. Maybe you're just hoping they'll attend college one day!

You can usually find piggy banks with your university's logo on them in the college book store. If not, check online where companies will place a logo on a bank for you.

Make Your Own Piggy Bank - Recycle & Reuse

Go Retro

Vintage is Valuable

Look online at sites like eBay.com and Etsy.com to find vintage piggy banks. Who wouldn't love to save money and live retro at the same time? Maybe it's a bank you remember loving when you were a kid. Or maybe you just like the styling of a piggy from the 1920s. Either way, retro piggy banks can be very neat! You will find every decade represented online when it comes to piggy banks. Select one and start a little one on the road to vintage collecting.

Animals Galore

Frogs, Cows & Ladybugs Bank

Who says a piggy bank has to be a pig? You can find adorable and charming banks that look like ladybugs, dogs, cats, bears, and more. Search online and you will find that not only are the animals cute, but they also encourage saving. Today's banks come with corks or stoppers so kids have access to their money when they need it.

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The Calculator Pig

Get Technical

If you want your child to really get into saving, show them how their money adds up. And if you want them to be generous as well, take a look at The Money Savvy pig. Available at Amazon.com, the Money Savvy pig has different sections for saving, spending, donating, and investing.

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Each segment of the pig has its own slot, so children can select where they want their money to go. Make a big deal out of donating the money every few months to a charity of the child's choice.

Personalize Your Own

Put Their Name on It

Personalized Piggy Bank

Every pig can be unique when you put your child's name on it! It makes for the best personalized baby gift. On our website, we have piggy banks in pink and blue that you can personalize with any name you like!

Children love having their name on things, especially on fun things that they have never had before! They'll think of you when they put money in, and it's just one more way to create a special feeling about saving for later.

Little Tikes Pig

For The Younger Crowd

You know Little Tikes for their fun and child-friendly chunky play toys and playground structures. But did you know that they also make a cute fat piggy bank that is perfect for little hands? It's adorable.

Children can drop their coins in the non-breakable pig and access the money when they want to, without you fearing if they will drop a breakable gift or heirloom.

Get the Pig

Start a Habit

Giving a piggy bank to a child opens a world of possibilities. You're showing them how to save for a lifetime and you're also helping them form good habits like donating to those in need.

What could be better than a gift that helps form positive morals and a sense of generosity? Your gift may spark an interest in collecting piggy banks or coin collecting. Or maybe they'll just want to start saving more regularly. There's no end to the cute designs available for piggy bank lovers. And it's certainly a great way to get the child in your life started on a new habit!

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