Valentine Crafts for Adults

Photo Credit: Spiced Coffee via Flickr
Photo Credit: Spiced Coffee via Flickr

Valentine Potholder 240x300 Valentine Crafts for AdultsWhether you’re looking for beautiful decorations for your home or you simply want an exciting Valentine gift for that special someone in your life, there are lots of fantastic Valentine’s crafts you can create this February 14th. Grab your glue gun and head to your favorite craft store to gather the supplies, then get started on one of these great ideas.

Heart Shaped Potholders – These are great not only for Valentine’s Day, but to hang in your kitchen year round. All you need is some cotton batting, some pins, 3 12 by 12 inch pieces of fabric, bias tape, and your sewing machine.  Print out a heart template that runs about twelve inches, fold it in half, then fold three layers of your cotton batting in half. Align that with the template’s straight side, pin it, and then cut it out. You’ll need to cut your fabric in the same method.  Sew your bias tape to the straight edge, and be sure you backstitch the ends. Layer the pieces. Start with a fabric heart that is face down, then your batting, then another fabric heart that is face up. Go ahead and sew up the outside edge, and trim as close to the stitching as you can. Add our bias tape to the heart, starting at the top center. Make sure you fold the edges under. Create a loop on the side of the pot holder with the bias tape, and you have a perfect heart potholder.

Lace Votive Holder – Lace and fabric stiffener together give you a wonderful textured votive holder that will be perfect for your home or as a gift to your party hostess. To get started, you need several rectangular pieces of lace. For best results, you probably want to go with pieces that run about five inches wide and about 21 inches long. Any medium or heavy lace will work. Cut it into the size you want, then sew across the bottom with a loose stitch so you can connect the two ends. Pull your thread, and gather the bottom in a circle. Knot it, then whipstitch the shorter sides together. Now it’s time to put a small balloon inside the lace so you can build out the shape of your candle holder. Blow it up, spray the lace with fabric stiffener until it’s saturated, then let it dry. Pop the balloon, and you have a perfect lace candle holder.

Candied Flower Holder – Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like candy and flowers, and combining them in this wonderful craft is a great touch to add to your celebration. You’ll need two glass containers that will nest inside each other. One should be shorter and an inch or two narrower than the first. You also need about a pound and a half of cinnamon heart candies, two dozen small bud flowers like tulips, a rubber band, and a floral knife. Start by putting one container inside the other. Fill in the gaps between with candy. Fill the smaller one about halfway up with water. Trim the stems of your flowers, then secure them together with a rubber band. Set the bouquet inside the smallest vase, and add any necessary water. Don’t like the cinnamon hearts? Feel free to go with any candy you wish.

Cockscomb Valentine Wreath – Create a heart full of beauty this Valentine’s Day with this gorgeous wreath. To get started, you only need a 10 inch polystyrene wreath in the shape of a heart, a utility knife, a glue gun, some dried cockscomb, a yard of ribbon, and a t-pin. Round off the edges of your wreath with the knife, then trim the stems of the flowers to about a quarter of an inch. Add glue, then add the flowers, with the tops facing up. Cut a yard of ribbon, fold it in half, and attach it to the back of your wreath with a t-pin so you’ll have a loop to hang it from.

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